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Lesson Plan "Abraham Lincoln A - Z"

NEH Landmarks of American History Workshop - July 2008

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Subject: Language Arts, Social Studies

Grade Level: 5

Time Frame: 1-2 weeks


  • Students will investigate and explore topics about Abraham Lincoln using a variety of resources including primary sources.
  • Students will analyze a variety of ABC books for content and design ideas.
  • Students will create an ABC book about Abraham Lincoln.


  • ABC Books
  • Internet Resources
  • Print material- Reference Books, Biographies, Magazines, Text book
  • Art Supplies : Paper, Pencils, Crayons, Markers
  • Binding and Laminating Materials

NC Standard Course of Study:

Social Studies:

Objective 2.01

Analyze major documents that formed the foundations of the American idea of constitutional government.

Objective 4.03

Describe the contributions of people of diverse cultures throughout the history of the United States.

Objective 4.05

Describe the impact of wars and conflicts on United States citizens, including but not limited to, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War, and the twenty-first century war on terrorism.

Objective 4.06

Evaluate the effectiveness of civil rights and social movements throughout United States' history that reflect the struggle for equality and constitutional rights for all citizens.

Language Arts:

Objective 4.06

Compose a draft that elaborates on major ideas and adheres to the topic by using an appropriate organizational pattern that accomplishes the purpose of the writing task and effectively communicates its content.

Objective 4.08

Focus revision on target elements by:

improving word choice.

rearranging text for clarity.

creating simple and/or complex sentences for clarity or impact.

Objective 4.10

Use technology as a tool to enhance and/or publish a product.


  • During the unit on Abraham Lincoln, the teacher will read and share an ABC book with the class. She will discuss the activity that they will be doing at the end of the unit. Each student will be using what they have learned or researched to make an ABC book about Lincoln.
  • In the Media Center, students will analyze a variety of ABC books noting their design, content and format.
  • The teacher and Media Coordinator will guide students in a discussion about what they discovered in the books and how their own book could be arranged.
  • The teacher will explain the guidelines for each student's Lincoln ABC book.
    • One page for each alphabetical letter
    • An entry about or associated with Lincoln that begins with that letter.
    • Each entry will have a picture and a 4-6 sentence description
  • As they study Lincoln and think of possible entries, students can note the entry and write down a 4-6 sentence about it.
  • The teacher will schedule times for the students to independently and collaboratively list possible entries for each letter. They will discuss what they've found and any problems they are having.
  • Students will use the Media Center and the Computer Lab to research information including primary sources about Lincoln.
  • Students will create a rough design of their book (template).
  • Peer editing and teacher editing will finalize the rough draft.
  • Using a variety of materials, students will complete their book.
  • Covers will be laminated and books will be bound.
  • Students will share their book. Books will be available at Open House and students may display their books in the Media Center for a week.


  • Teacher checks for completion of the Lincoln ABC book according to guidelines.

Supplemental Resources:

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