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Applied Health Internship Program

The Applied Health Internship program is designed to give students the opportunity to merge their academic knowledge with practical professional experience while earning academic credit. The experience allows students to explore and clarify professional goals, acquire new skills, and to develop professional contacts in their chosen field. The internship experience is required for seniors seeking a degree in Exercise Science (KIN 460) or Public Health (PBHE 499) and for graduate students seeking a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology (KIN 555).

Specific benefits of the internship experience include:

  • Clarification of future career direction and goals
  • Observation of professionals in the field
  • Opportunity for a hands-on application of academic coursework, theories, and principles
  • Participation in the decision-making processes
  • Gain a greater understanding of facility management and business operations
  • Demonstration of leadership and organizational skills
  • Accumulate practical job experience and professional contacts

Internship Sites and Locations

The Applied Health Internship program at SIUE provides its students with a broad range of experiences in which to complete their internship assignment. One of the most important factors in ensuring a successful experience is matching the interests of the student with qualified personnel from agencies across the region. It is the responsibility of each student to identify potential internship sites and to receive approval of the site from the internship coordinator

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Internship Site:
  1. Research the organization thoroughly (i.e., talk with employees/past interns, contact the Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Find out what the organization's mission and goals are and how you would fit into their agency during the semester.
  3. How many interns have they had in the past? Is there one person in charge of internships? To whom would you report? Are they equipped to have interns?
  4. Find out the organization's expectations of interns (i.e., how many hours do they expect from you, is the scheduling flexible around your coursework, and what other responsibilities would you have?)
  5. How do they plan to utilize you and your skills? Do they provide training for you? Will you be learning new skills?
  6. What would an average day be like for an intern in their organization?
  7. What other expectations do they have of you ? (e.g., research, meetings, paperwork completion/filing, telephone calls/answering)
  8. How will you be evaluated by your supervisor at the agency ?
  9. What are the possible future employment opportunities within the organization ? Do they hire interns?
  10. Have you visited the site? Can you picture yourself working there? Do the employees appear to be happy? Do they enjoy their jobs?

SIUE is conveniently located in the St. Louis Metro-East area, which allows students access to a variety of internship sites within each discipline. We currently have contracts with over 150 local agencies. Below is a small sampling of some of those internship sites. For a complete list of individuals / companies who are already approved as Internship sites, you may download that HERE. Students are welcome to find their own site as well but the site supervisor must agree to host you as their intern and students must submit the Internship Facility Request Form two months prior to the internship start date.

Public Health students choose a variety of internships.  The links below are a sample of current placements:

Not For Profit Sites:

Special Olympics

Girls on the Run

Girl Scouts of America

YMCA of Southern IL

Council on Aging

Medical/Clinical Sites:

Gateway Regional Medical Center

Hospital Sisters Health System

County/State/Federal Health Organizations:

St. Clair County Health Department

Madison County Health Department

IL Dept. of Public Health

For Profit Sites:


Bethany Place

Pre-Internship Requirements

To be completed during the semester PRIOR TO the internship.

During the semester PRIOR TO your intended start date, verify internship eligibility.

Students should contact the Public Health Internship Coordinator (Jennifer Caumiant) via email ( and express their intention to complete their internship for the following semester no later than two months prior to the internship.

  1. Submit letters of applications and resumes to desired agencies, interview with agencies in person within 50 mile radius, or by telephone if outside a 50 mile radius.
  2. After acquiring an internship, complete the Internship Information and Acceptance Form with the site supervisor and submit to the Public Health Internship Coordinator no later than one month prior to the internship.
  3. If we do not have a current contract with the facility, you must complete the Internship Facility Request Form and submit it to the Public Health Internship Coordinator two months prior to the internship. NOTE: New facility agreements will NOT BE INITIATED if the request has not been received within this timeline.
  4. Enrollment in PBHE 499 will be completed by the Academic Advisor after all forms have been submitted and approved by the Public Health Internship Coordinator.

Internship Requirements

Applied Health internships are completed during regular SIUE semesters. All students must begin preparation for their internship during the semester PRIOR to their intended internship semester.

Specific eligibility requirements for each internship program can be found below:

Undergraduate Programs

PBHE 499: Internship in Public Health  
Public Health students may consider their professional internship after meeting the following requirements:
  • Be of senior standing
  • Successfully completed PBHE 490, PBHE 491, PBHE 498
  • Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • PBHE 499 Internship Manual
Public Health
Michelle Cathorall, Dr.PH.,
2013, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

David Cluphf, Ed.D.,
1999, West Virginia University
Chaya Gopalan, Ph.D.,       1988, University of Glasgow
Brianne Guilford, Ph.D.,
2013, University of Kansas

Erik Kirk, (Chair) Ph.D.,
2004, University of Kansas

Nicole Klein, Ph.D.
1995, University of Texas at Austin
Georgia Luckey, M. S.,
Doctoral Candidate

Alice Ma, Ph. D.,
2017, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Bryan Smith, Ph.D.,
2004, University of Missouri - Columbia

Lindsay Ross-Stewart, Ph.D.,
2009, University of North Dakota

Joshua Wooten, Ph.D.,
2008, Texas Woman's University

Huaibo Xin, Dr.PH.
2011, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Jennifer Zuercher, Ph.D., 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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