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Elective Suggestions - Health Disparities for gaining an understanding of Health Disparities (inequities) between groups in the US and abroad.

CJ 366 Race and Class in Criminal Justice - Criminal justice from the vantage point of race and class relations, racial/ cultural interaction, enforcement patterns, use of discretion, case outcomes, and punishment. Prerequisite: SOC 111.

CJ 367 Gender and Criminal Justice - Issues of gender in criminal justice, particularly with regard to offending, victimization, processing, incarcerating, rehabilitating and among professionals in the field. Prerequisites: CJ or SOC 201.

CJ 420 United States Drug Policy - Examines historical and contemporary drug use and policy efforts, including secondary problems affiliated with drugs, the War on Drugs and its impact, nationally and internationally. Prerequisite: junior/senior standing.

CJ 465 Theories of the Just Society - Examines various constructions of the just society and the functions of government. Students consider the role of law and its relationship to justice for citizens. Prerequisite: Junior/ Senior Standing.

ECON 327 Social Economics: Issues in Income, Employment and Social Policy - [DSS, IGR] Economic aspects of social problems such as poverty, discrimination, and unemployment; economic analysis of social policies such as social insurance, welfare programs, employment legislation, taxation. Prerequisite: 111, 112.

GEOG 400 Urban Geography - [DSS] Cultural and physical factors related to distribution, interrelations, and internal spatial organization of cities. Prerequisite: Math 120 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

GEOG 405 Geography of Food - Examination of food production and distribution, the relationship between food and culture from a geographic perspective. Prerequisites: 205 or consent of instructor.

GEOG 406 Political Geography - [DSS, II] Fundamental principles of geopolitics, geostrategic theory, electoral geography, and their application to the United States and other major world regions. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

HIST 442 The Black Urban Experience - [DSS, IGR] Social, economic, and political history. Emphasizes community life and development, as well as race relations.

IS 343 Contemporary Health Care Issues - [IS] Seminar: Examination of contemporary health issues of diverse cultures across the lifespan. Discussion of global trends, cultural, lifespan, and ethical aspects of each topic. Prerequisite: admission to the University, junior standing.

IS 350 Women in Social Institutions - [IS, IGR] (Same as WMST 350) Historical, cultural, and social class differences in contexts of education, family, health care, economics, religion, politics. (Anthropology/Foundations of Education/History/ Women's Studies).

IS 375 Technology and Public Policy - [IS, II, IGR] Seminar: Examines competition between government and society over global economic, ethical, and moral impacts of science and technology on diverse groups. Prerequisite: junior standing.

PHIL 321 Ethics in the Medical Community - [DFAH] Ethical issues arising in health care contexts and practices.

POLS 342 Issues in American Public Policy - [DSS] Public policies in such areas as taxing and spending, civil rights, welfare, health education, environment; explanations for adoption; problems of implementation; evaluation of impact.

POLS 344 Urban Politics - [DSS] Examination of political systems in American cities over time, including the role of political machines, suburban sprawl, economic development, demographic change, poverty, and federalism. Prerequisite: POLS 112 or consent of instructor.

POLS 352 Politics of Development - [DSS] Examination of the factors leading to successful democratic transitions with a focus on less developed countries, including political structures, history, culture, behavior, and global impact. Prerequisite: 111 or consent of instructor.

PSYC 407 Multicultural Issues in Psychology - [IGR] Students will develop a critical framework for looking at the concept of "culture" in contemporary America. Students will explore how culture impacts psychological services. Prerequisite: 111.

SOC 300 Social Problems - [DSS] [IAI No. S7 901] Extent and causes of a number of current American social problems; how social conditions become problems. Some attention to methods of researching problems.

SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations - [DSS, IGR] [IAI No. S7 903D] Racial and cultural interaction and conflict; causes of prejudice and discrimination; status and participation of minority groups; national and international aspects of majority- minority relations.

SOC 309 Social Inequality - [DSS] Extent and causes of social inequality. Attention to consequences of the sustained existence of such inequalities in our everyday lives.

SOC 470 Sociology of Deviance - [DSS] (Same as CJ 470) Behaviors such as prostitution, drug use, murder, racism, sexual variances, rape and insanity examined theoretically and empirically.

SOC 474 Victims and Society - [DSS] Sociological analysis of war, crime, inequality, racism, sexism and other victim- generating conditions and processes; a non-lecture, active- learning course. Prerequisites: 111 and senior standing, or consent of instructor.

SOCW 301 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy - Analysis of problems faced by individuals, families, groups, and communities; relationships between definitions of problems and society's responses to them, especially policy. Prerequisites: 211 with a minimum grade of B, ECON 111, HIST 201, POLS 112.

SOCW 386 Health Care Issues in Social Work - [DSS] Examines contemporary health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, childhood obesity, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and how these diseases relate to populations at risk. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisites: BIOL 111; junior or senior standing.

SOCW 390 Diversity and Issues of Social and Economic Justice - [DSS, IGR] Examines backgrounds and needs of diverse populations including persons who are at-risk. Forms of oppression, social and economic justice issues, and values and ethics. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

SPC 210 Interracial Communication - [DFAH, IGR] Personal dimensions of intergroup communication, especially the interaction of black and white Americans.

Public Health
Michelle Cathorall, Dr.PH.,
2013, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

David Cluphf, Ed.D.,
1999, West Virginia University
Chaya Gopalan, Ph.D.,       1988, University of Glasgow
Brianne Guilford, Ph.D.,
2013, University of Kansas

Erik Kirk, (Chair) Ph.D.,
2004, University of Kansas

Nicole Klein, Ph.D.
1995, University of Texas at Austin
Georgia Luckey, M. S.,
Doctoral Candidate

Alice Ma, Ph. D.,
2017, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Bryan Smith, Ph.D.,
2004, University of Missouri - Columbia

Lindsay Ross-Stewart, Ph.D.,
2009, University of North Dakota

Joshua Wooten, Ph.D.,
2008, Texas Woman's University

Huaibo Xin, Dr.PH.
2011, University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Jennifer Zuercher, Ph.D., 2009, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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