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The BS in Nutrition is an excellent fit for many pre-health students. Refer to the following links to see how this program meets course equivalents for typical professional school requirements.

How do health professional schools view a Nutritional Sciences degree?

Health professional programs and schools do not require specific majors for entrance. This means that students should choose a major that interests them. Professional schools do not give preference to any major; instead, students must have completed the prerequisite courses listed by the school. The Nutrition degree at SIUE provides all or nearly all of the prerequisites for entry into health profession schools, combined with advanced nutrition courses for a unique focus on how food impacts health.

American Medical Association: Indicates that it takes a “well-rounded high school and college education, including classes related to the study of human beings” to enter and succeed in medical school.

Association of American Medical Schools: States, “You’ll need a strong foundation in mathematics and the sciences that relate most to medicine: biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics. But it’s important for your college experience to be broad.”

American Dental Association: Suggests that students need simply to take the required science courses for admission to dental school but can (and do) choose to be many majors (about half of all students enrolled in dental school in 2012-2013 choose a major other than “biological science”).

American Pharmacists Association: Indicates, “You are not required to major in ‘pre-pharmacy’ in college to be eligible for admission to pharmacy school. Pharmacy students… come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds…”

Erik Kirk (Chair), Ph.D.,
2004, University of Kansas

Jennifer Zuercher, Ph.D., RD,
2009, University of North Carolina

Cynthia Inman, MS, RD,
1996, Texas A&M

Kathy Mora, Ph.D., RD,
2006, University of Arizona
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