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Nutrition  undergraduate


Undergraduate Course Descriptions

NUTR 205-3 Food Science - Basic principles of food preparation. Emphasis on food chemistry and function of ingredients.

NUTR 210-3 Food & Culture - Cultural eating patterns and nutrition-related health problems of various ethnic/racial groups will be explored.  Culture and counseling strategies will be emphasized.

KIN 211-3 Medical Terminology - Learn to read and comprehend original research, medical reports, and health/fitness evaluations related to prefixes, suffices, and word roots of medical terms.

NUTR 250-3 Introduction to Human Nutrition - Fundamental principles of nutrition, including the role of specific nutrients, digestion, absorption, and metabolism.  Application of concepts as they relate to humans across the lifespan will be discussed.

KIN 275-3 Introduction to Exercise Science - Course content will include historical and theoretical foundations along with an introduction to current practices, and professional opportunities within the field of exercise science.

NUTR 319-3 Nutrition Biochemistry - Students will learn the biochemical mechanisms of nutrition and metabolism.

NUTR 327-3 Lifecycle Nutrition - This course will examine nutritional needs and issues throughout the life span with special emphasis on preconception, pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence, and ageing.

NUTR 355-3 Sports Nutrition and Supplementation - In-depth review of the leading research and effective practices in sport nutrition and supplementation. Focus on increasing athletic performance during training and competition.

NUTR 401-3 Nutrition Education and Counseling - This course teaches communication skills essential for professional practice in development, use, and evaluation of methods and materials for teaching nutrition to different audiences.

NUTR 408-3 Food Service Management 1 - Food Sanitation and safety, management of human resources and supervision.  Emphasis on applications to health-care facilities

NUTR 409-3 Large Quantity Food Preparation - This course provides the application of concepts and principles of quantity food preparation and service.

NUTR 410-3 Food Service Management 2 - This course studies food service subsystems from an organizational and leadership perspective

NUTR 411-3 Introduction to Medical Therapy - Introduction to the professional practice of dietetics. Using nutrition care process as a framework, students learn how to provide nutrition services to patients.

KIN 412-3 Biology of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease - Molecular bases of human diseases related to cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Relationship between cellular pathways, disease, and treatment effects.

NUTR 464-3 Senior Seminar in Nutrition - In-depth review and application of  issues related to the profession of nutrition

Erik Kirk (Chair), Ph.D.,
2004, University of Kansas

Jennifer Zuercher, Ph.D., RD,
2009, University of North Carolina

Cynthia Inman, MS, RD,
1996, Texas A&M

Kathy Mora, Ph.D., RD,
2006, University of Arizona
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