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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

275-3 Introduction to Exercise Science - Course content will include historical and theoretical foundations along with an introduction to current practices, and professional opportunities within the field of exercise science.

300-3 Strength Training and Conditioning - Designing exercise programs for apparently healthy individuals, including children, youth, adults and the aged. ACSM recommendations will guide this class. Prerequisite: KIN 275 with a grade of C or better.

315-3 Functional Anatomy - Structural and functional basis of human performance. Prerequisite: BIOL 240 A and B with a grade of C or better.

316-3 Biomechanics of Human Movement - Mechanics applied to physical performance; analysis of selected movements, and the application of physical principles to the musculoskeletal system. Two hours lecture and two hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: KIN 315 with concurrency allowed.

350-3 Exercise Physiology - Examination of the scientific theories behind the body's responses to exercise. Topics will include exercise metabolism, respiration, circulation, neuromuscular, hormonal, and environmental influences on exercise. Prerequisite: BIOL 240 A and B with a grade of C or better.

410-3 Exercise for Special Populations - Designing exercise programs for children, youth, adults and the aged, ACSM recommendations will guide this course. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: KIN 350.

412-3 Biology of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease - Molecular bases of human diseases related to cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Relationship between cellular pathways, disease, and treatment effects. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: KIN 350.

414-3 Exercise Adherence - Overview of the major determinants and consequences of exercise adherence and its impact on public health. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: KIN 275 with grade of C or better, and consent of Dept. Chair/Program Director.

416-3 Exercise Assessment/Programming - Introductory course to the theoretical and practical concepts of exercise assessment, interpretation, and prescription. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: 420. Kinesiology majors only.

418-3 Exercise Epidemiology - Effects of physical activity on cardiopulmonary, metabolic, and other hypokinetic diseases. Students will gain an understanding of current evidence-based interventions that improve health. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: KIN 412 and consent of advisor.

426-3 Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation - This course will cover theory and common practice for the assessment and treatment of patients with cardiac and pulmonary diseases. Prerequisite: KIN 350 and 416.

445-3 Organization and Management of Exercise and Wellness Programs - Theoretical and practical aspects of selected management procedures which relate to the development, implementation, and evaluation of exercise and wellness programs. Not for graduate credit. Kinesiology majors only.

460-1 to 9 Internship in Exercise Science - Supervised 200- hour placement in professional settings appropriate to student career interests. This course may be repeatable up to 9 credit hours for clinical experience requirements for professional certifications. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: 2.75 overall GPA, active American Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED training, and grade of C or better in KIN 416.

464-3 Senior Seminar in Exercise Science - Capstone senior project that is designed to integrate the cumulative knowledge, skills, and abilities from the exercise science curriculum into an impactful community-based project. Prerequisite: KIN 416 with C or better.
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