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Elective Suggestions- International Health

These electives will build a foundation for students who are interested in global health issues and working with cross-cultural population groups and both international profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies.

ANTH 340 Cultural Ecology - [DSS, IC] Surveys the relationship between humans and their environment from an anthropological perspective. Begins with the earliest humans and ends with contemporary humans/modern problems.

ANTH 352 Medical Anthropology - [DSS, II, IC] Theories and applications of medical anthropology. Cross-cultural perspectives on health and medicine.

IS 336 Global Problems and Human Survival - [IS, II] Threats to human survival from war, over-population, pollution, resource depletion, under-development, misuse of the oceans and new technologies plus how to deal with these threats. (Anthropology/Philosophy).

IS 343 Contemporary Health Care Issues - [IS] Seminar: Examination of contemporary health issues of diverse cultures across the lifespan. Discussion of global trends, cultural, lifespan, and ethical aspects of each topic. Prerequisite: admission to the University, junior standing.

POLS 370 Introduction to International Relations - [DSS, II] [IAI No. S5 904N] Past and contemporary nation-state system; foreign policy behavior and processes, power, national interests, war, international law, organizations, economy, global problems and prospects. Prerequisite: 111 or consent of instructor.

POLS 472 International Organizations - [DSS, II] Past and present international organizations, origins, structure, decision- making processes, functioning of United Nations and its specialized agencies, problems and prospects. Prerequisite: 370 or consent of instructor.

SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations - [DSS, IGR] [IAI No. S7 903D] Racial and cultural interaction and conflict; causes of prejudice and discrimination; status and participation of minority groups; national and international aspects of majority- minority relations.

SPC 311 Speech Communication - [IGR] This course examines the processes, assumptions and barriers in intercultural encounters. Theories of cognition and communication will be explored.

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