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Elective Suggestions - Health Disparities for gaining an understanding of Health Disparities (inequities) between groups in the US and abroad.

CJ 366 Race and Class in Criminal Justice - Criminal justice from the vantage point of race and class relations, racial/ cultural interaction, enforcement patterns, use of discretion, case outcomes, and punishment. Prerequisite: SOC 111.

CJ 367 Gender and Criminal Justice - Issues of gender in criminal justice, particularly with regard to offending, victimization, processing, incarcerating, rehabilitating and among professionals in the field. Prerequisites: CJ or SOC 201.

CJ 420 United States Drug Policy - Examines historical and contemporary drug use and policy efforts, including secondary problems affiliated with drugs, the War on Drugs and its impact, nationally and internationally. Prerequisite: junior/senior standing.

CJ 465 Theories of the Just Society - Examines various constructions of the just society and the functions of government. Students consider the role of law and its relationship to justice for citizens. Prerequisite: Junior/ Senior Standing.

ECON 327 Social Economics: Issues in Income, Employment and Social Policy - [DSS, IGR] Economic aspects of social problems such as poverty, discrimination, and unemployment; economic analysis of social policies such as social insurance, welfare programs, employment legislation, taxation. Prerequisite: 111, 112.

GEOG 400 Urban Geography - [DSS] Cultural and physical factors related to distribution, interrelations, and internal spatial organization of cities. Prerequisite: Math 120 or equivalent or consent of instructor.

GEOG 405 Geography of Food - Examination of food production and distribution, the relationship between food and culture from a geographic perspective. Prerequisites: 205 or consent of instructor.

GEOG 406 Political Geography - [DSS, II] Fundamental principles of geopolitics, geostrategic theory, electoral geography, and their application to the United States and other major world regions. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

HIST 442 The Black Urban Experience - [DSS, IGR] Social, economic, and political history. Emphasizes community life and development, as well as race relations.

IS 343 Contemporary Health Care Issues - [IS] Seminar: Examination of contemporary health issues of diverse cultures across the lifespan. Discussion of global trends, cultural, lifespan, and ethical aspects of each topic. Prerequisite: admission to the University, junior standing.

IS 350 Women in Social Institutions - [IS, IGR] (Same as WMST 350) Historical, cultural, and social class differences in contexts of education, family, health care, economics, religion, politics. (Anthropology/Foundations of Education/History/ Women's Studies).

IS 375 Technology and Public Policy - [IS, II, IGR] Seminar: Examines competition between government and society over global economic, ethical, and moral impacts of science and technology on diverse groups. Prerequisite: junior standing.

PHIL 321 Ethics in the Medical Community - [DFAH] Ethical issues arising in health care contexts and practices.

POLS 342 Issues in American Public Policy - [DSS] Public policies in such areas as taxing and spending, civil rights, welfare, health education, environment; explanations for adoption; problems of implementation; evaluation of impact.

POLS 344 Urban Politics - [DSS] Examination of political systems in American cities over time, including the role of political machines, suburban sprawl, economic development, demographic change, poverty, and federalism. Prerequisite: POLS 112 or consent of instructor.

POLS 352 Politics of Development - [DSS] Examination of the factors leading to successful democratic transitions with a focus on less developed countries, including political structures, history, culture, behavior, and global impact. Prerequisite: 111 or consent of instructor.

PSYC 407 Multicultural Issues in Psychology - [IGR] Students will develop a critical framework for looking at the concept of "culture" in contemporary America. Students will explore how culture impacts psychological services. Prerequisite: 111.

SOC 300 Social Problems - [DSS] [IAI No. S7 901] Extent and causes of a number of current American social problems; how social conditions become problems. Some attention to methods of researching problems.

SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations - [DSS, IGR] [IAI No. S7 903D] Racial and cultural interaction and conflict; causes of prejudice and discrimination; status and participation of minority groups; national and international aspects of majority- minority relations.

SOC 309 Social Inequality - [DSS] Extent and causes of social inequality. Attention to consequences of the sustained existence of such inequalities in our everyday lives.

SOC 470 Sociology of Deviance - [DSS] (Same as CJ 470) Behaviors such as prostitution, drug use, murder, racism, sexual variances, rape and insanity examined theoretically and empirically.

SOC 474 Victims and Society - [DSS] Sociological analysis of war, crime, inequality, racism, sexism and other victim- generating conditions and processes; a non-lecture, active- learning course. Prerequisites: 111 and senior standing, or consent of instructor.

SOCW 301 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy - Analysis of problems faced by individuals, families, groups, and communities; relationships between definitions of problems and society's responses to them, especially policy. Prerequisites: 211 with a minimum grade of B, ECON 111, HIST 201, POLS 112.

SOCW 386 Health Care Issues in Social Work - [DSS] Examines contemporary health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, childhood obesity, with emphasis on HIV/AIDS and how these diseases relate to populations at risk. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisites: BIOL 111; junior or senior standing.

SOCW 390 Diversity and Issues of Social and Economic Justice - [DSS, IGR] Examines backgrounds and needs of diverse populations including persons who are at-risk. Forms of oppression, social and economic justice issues, and values and ethics. Not for graduate credit. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

SPC 210 Interracial Communication - [DFAH, IGR] Personal dimensions of intergroup communication, especially the interaction of black and white Americans.

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