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Dr. Chaya Gopalan

Associate Professor
Departments of Applied Health, Primary Care and Health Systems


PhD, 1988, University of Glasgow   
MA, 1983, Bangalore University
BS, 1981, Bangalore University


2612 Vadalabene Center
3335 Alumni Hall


About Dr. Gopalan

Dr. Chaya Gopalan earned her Ph.D. in Reproductive Neuroendocrine Physiology from the University of Glasgow.  Upon her postdoctoral training at Michigan State University, she started teaching Advanced Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Anatomy and Physiology courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in allied health programs.  Currently, she teaches physiology and pathophysiology courses in the nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and nurse practitioner programs as well as exercise science majors.  She practices team-based learning and flipped classroom in her everyday teaching where she uses her own textbooks.

Research Profile

Dr. Gopalan’s research is branched off in two directions, one related to biomedical field where she is testing the role of gonadal steroids in the sex differentiation of the brain.  The other research is in the educational arena where she is testing student-centered teaching methods and offer podium presentations and workshops related to the same.

Publications (selected)

Gopalan, C. & Kist, W.B. (2017).  A case study approach, combined with modified team-based learning, to teach the progression of metabolic syndrome to type 2 diabetes.  Advances in Physiology Education:  in press. 

Gopalan, C. Halpin, P.A., & Johnson, K.M.S. (2017).  Benefits and Logistics of Non-Presenting Undergraduate Students Attending a Professional Scientific Meeting.  Advances in Physiology Education:  in press.

Gopalan, C. & Klann, M.C. (2017).  The Effect of Flipped Teaching Combined with Modified Team-based Learning on Student Performance in Physiology.  Advances in Physiology Education 43(3):363-367.

Hershkowitz, R., Shah, B., Nehrt, P.A., Sanchez, R., Secor, T., Starr, B....Gopalan, C. (2017).  Effect of Perinatal Blockade of Androgen Receptors on Estrogen Receptor Levels in Specific Brain Regions and Spatial Working Memory in Male Rates.  The FASEB Journal 31(1), 723.9.

Gopalan, C., Shah, B., Khan, T. & Taylor, G. (2016).  The Effect of Perinatal Blockade of Androgen Receptos on the Expression of Hypothalamic Estrogen Receptor-a and Sexual Motivation in Male Rats.  The FASEB Journal 30 (1), 1247.2-1247.2.

Gopalan C. (2016).  The Impact of Rapid Change in Educational Technology on Teaching in Higher Education.  Journal of the Human Anatomy & Physiology 20(4):  85-90.  DOI:  10.21692/haps.2016.037.

Gopalan, C. & Kist, W.B. (2016).  Hyper IgM Syndrome - Switch or Not to Switch.  National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science:

Hadgu, R.M., Huynh, S. & Gopalan, C. (2016).  The Use of Pre-recorded Lectures on Student Performance in Physiology.  Journal of Curriculum & Teaching:  5(1):  105-112.  DOI:  10.5430/jct.v5n1p105

Hadgu, R.M., Huynh, S. & Gopalan, C. (2016).  The use of Lecture Capture and Student Performance in Physiology.  Journal of Curriculum & Teaching:  5(1):  11-18.  DOI:10.5430/jct.v5n1p11

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