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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior
School of Education

Dr. Michelle Cathorall

Assistant Professor   


DrPH, 2013, University of North Carolina at Greensboro   
MPH, 2007, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
BS, 2005, California State University Fullerton

unintentional injury prevention research and intervention development, and designing worksite health promotion programs and evaluation


VC, Room 1031


About Dr. Cathorall

Dr. Cathorall received her DrPH in Community Health from the University of North Carolina at Greenboro in 2013 and joined the Health Education program in fall 2013. Dr. Cathorall is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist, Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager, and a certified Health and Wellness Coach. She teaches several core courses in the undergraduate Health Education program including Principle and Foundations of Health Education, Introduction to Public Health.  She also teaches several elective courses in the program, including Death & Dying in Contemporary Society, Worksite Health Promotion, Environmental Health, and Injury and Violence Prevention.

Research Profile:

Dr. Cathorall’s current research projects include a study of injuries and the perception of injury risk among roller derby players.  She is currently working on two studies: 1) the frequency and types of injuries sustained by female roller derby players and 2) the role injury risk perception plays in decision making to play roller derby.  Dr. Cathorall has research expertise in qualitative data collection methodology.  Dr. Cathorall’s future research will focus on applying the findings from the current studies to develop injury prevention programs for roller derby skaters.

Publications: (list)

Manuscripts in Print

Cathorall, ML., Xin, H., Peachey, A., Schulz, M., Bibeau, D., Aronson, R., & Dave, G. Individual and Neighborhood Factors Influencing Blood Glucose Levels among Residents in Both Guilford and Forsyth Counties, NC: Findings from the Community Initiative to Eliminate Stroke (CITIES) Program. In Press at Health Culture and Society, publication date December 2015.

Cathorall, ML, Dingman, DA, Schulz, MR, Keyworth, AM, & Pelligra, KG. Helmet Use Prevalence and Predictors in a South Eastern, United States City. Accepted for Publication in March 2015 in the International Journal for Injury Control and Safety Promotion.

Cathorall, M., Xin, H., Peachey, A., Bibeau, D., Schulz, M. & Aronson, R. (2015). Neighborhood disadvantage and variations in blood pressure.  Accepted for Publication in the American Journal of Health Education

Bibeau, D. L., Evans, W. M., Cathorall, ML., Miller, E., Strack, R. W., & Mattocks, A. D. (2009). Health promotion in the public sector. American Journal of Health Studies, 24(3), 331-342.

McMahan, S., Cathorall, M. & Romero, D. (2007). Cardiovascular Disease Risk Perception and Knowledge: A Comparison of Hispanic and White College Students.  Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 6, 5-18.

Romero, D., McMahan, S. & Cathorall, M. (2005). Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk in the United States: Should We Target College Women?  Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 3, 117-129.

Manuscripts Under Review

Peachey, A., Sutton, DL. & Cathorall, ML. Predictors of helmet ownership and helmet use among undergraduate skateboarders: Utilization of the Health Belief Model. Under review at Health Education and Behavior, submitted January 2015.

Manuscripts in Process

Cathorall, ML & Peachey, A. Epidemiology of Roller Derby Injuries.

Cathorall, ML, Xin, H., Bankson, F., & Kempland, M. Effectiveness of Hybrid versus Traditional courses in Personal Health on student test scores and course grades.

Cathorall, ML, Peachey, A., & Cluphf, D. Risk Perception and Decision Making in High Contact Recreational Sports.
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