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Fall 2012 International Training Program in Pedagogy

Major Activities

1. Planned and delivered weekly one-hour seminar for visiting Chinese faculty.
  • Possible topics: syllabi development, library resources, pedagogy, how to become a Teacher-Scholar, ethics of teaching, American culture (Seek additional topics from School of Education International Group),
  • Reflection journal on experiences (e.g., observations, English language use in the classroom, cultural differences and similarities),
  • Discussion and reflection of class observations and how pedagogy is similar and/or different from their home country,
  • Guest speakers on pedagogy in various content areas.
2. Scheduled and organized 3 presentations for NWNU faculty (open to SOE faculty/students and campus faculty/students)-1 ½ hour each
  • Beginning of experience-introductory presentation by each scholar (who I am, where I live, what I do, what I hope to achieve in this experience),
  • Middle of experience-presentation by each scholar (my research),
  • End of experience-presentation by each scholar (what I learned as a result of my experience, how I will use American pedagogy and English to enhance my teaching in my disciplinary content in China).
3. Community outreach
  • Worked with the SIUE Outreach office, participated in a 1-hour seminar for Lifelong Learning in a panel discussion with the SIUE implementation/leadership team (i.e., Senior Dialogue),
  • Presented additional seminars for students, upon invitation by chairpersons and faculty members in other university classes within the School.
  • Other activities.
4. Observed 3-4 classes each week in his/her field and actively participated in discussion and reflection activities during weekly seminars as previously described in #1.

5. Attended appropriate faculty development seminars and workshops scheduled through the Provost’s office.

6. Cultural Activities
  • Off-campus: Baseball game (Cardinals, Grizzlies), Botanical Garden, Cahokia Mounds,
  • Campus sports events (e.g., soccer),
  • International Week activities,
  • Campus arts activities,
  •  Fitness center and other recreation facilities on campus,
  • Holiday (Thanksgiving, Moon Festival, etc.),
  • Introduction to SIUE International Hospitality Program members,
  • Other.
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