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Secondary Education Advisement Overview

School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services assists prospective and current students in pursuing a major in one of the programs offered within the School of Education, Health and Human Behavior. Student Services staff will work with students from their early stages of major exploration through graduation, helping with general program information, course registration, application to teacher education, field experiences, graduation requirements and teacher licensure.

Advisement Process

Initial Contact with Student Services

Secondary education is not considered a major at SIUE. You must contact an advisor in one of the areas of certification SIUE offers (see major grid below) even if you have a degree in that area.

Students already holding a bachelor's degree may work on a master's degree while obtaining licensure. Students must receive certification before obtaining their master's degree.

The advisors in Student Services monitor admission into teacher education and will place you in the appropriate professional education classes.




Art (K-12) [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] K-12 Certification
Biology* [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail]
Chemistry* [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail]
Earth & Space Science* [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail]
English [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] Screening & Speech minor required
Foreign Language [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] K-12 Certification
Geography [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] Required Social Science minor
History [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] Required Social Science minor
Mathematics* [ PDF] CAS Advising - [ e-mail]
Music [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] K-12 Certification
Political Science [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail] Required Social Science minor
Theater & Drama [ web] CAS Advising - [ e-mail]
* Designated Teacher Shortage Areas by the State of Illinois.
Scholarships are available

Admission to Teacher Education

Prior to admittance to the Teacher Education Program and prior to being registered for any professional education classes, students must complete the following requirements:
a. Pass an approved test of basic skills (Test of Academic Proficiency), ACT Plus Writing, or SAT equivalent with the approved substitution application

b. Pass CIED 100, Introduction to Education with a "C" or better. This course is a prerequisite for the remainder of the professional education courses. Students will begin to accrue the 100 clock hours required for licensure by the state of Illinois during this course. An equivalent of CIED 100, Introduction to Education may be transferred from other institutions.

c. Obtain a GPA from SIUE of 2.5 or higher along with a combined GPA of 2.5 from all other institutions.

Professional Education coursework:

Usually students will be placed in professional education courses during their final year at SIUE. The courses will include EPFR 315, EPFR 320, SPE 400, CI 315a, CIED 323, CI 315b, and CI 352. Because space available is limited, only School of Education, Health and Human Behavior advisors will register students for these classes (contingent upon their admission to the Teacher Education Program). Graduate students must register for the graduate equivalents of these courses through Curriculum and Instruction.

EPFR 315, EPFR 320, SPE 400, and CIED 323 may be taken any time after the student has been admitted into the Teacher Education Program. Students must receive a "C" or better in all of these professional education courses.

Required Illinois State Tests:

The student must take the ILTS Content-area Test in his/her major prior to student teaching. Information on the tests may be found at

Students are also required to complete and pass the edTPA during their student teaching semester.


Although secondary licensure will appear as grades 6-12 on your license, the state requires additional coursework to add the middle level endorsement.

Please consult with an Student Services advisor for information on endorsements (additional teaching fields) and any scholarship information available for secondary students.

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