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Minimum Eligibility Requirements for the Partnership Program

  1. completion of all skills courses (or approved equivalents) with a grade of C or better: ENG 101, 102, SPC 103/105, PHIL 106 and CMIS 108
  2. completion of CI 200 or its equivalent with a grade of C or better
  3. completion of PSYC 201 or its equivalent with a grade of C or better
  4. combined GPA (all post-secondary work) of 2.5 or higher
  5. good academic standing at SIUE, if applicable
  6. passage of the ICTS Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the Basic Skills Test)
  7. completion of 42 semester hours or more of college-level course work
  8. completion of the self-reporting disposition survey on file with the School of Education
  9. limited number of non-partnership program classes remaining at the end of the summer term prior to admission to the program

Requirements one-five above must be met before students may declare their major and are eligible for the Partnership Program. The ICTS Test of Academic Proficiency is given only at scheduled times. Students should consult OCECA for test information.

Please note that the State of Illinois is making significant changes in teacher education that may result in revised standards, programs, testing requirements and teaching certificates. It is very important that all prospective and current candidates work closely with their advisors to remain current about course and curriculum changes affecting progress through the programs.

Note: Meeting minimum requirements for admission to elementary education does not guarantee acceptance; there may be more applicants than openings.

Graduation Requirements

  • Complete all specific program requirements.
  • Complete all general education requirements.
  • Complete a minimum of 124 credit hours (at least 30 of which must be completed at SIUE and at least 60 of which must be completed at a regionally accredited 4-year institution).
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.
  • Bachelor of Science requires completion of eight lecture courses in life, physical or social science, including two with labs (EL). Check the Course Equivalency Guides (CEG) at siue.edu/transfer for approved courses.
  • File an application for graduation by the first day of the term in which you plan to graduate.

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