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Sample Curriculum

Year One — Fall Semester
ENG 101 English Composition I (3)
MATH 112a Math for Elementary Teachers: Number Sense and Algebra (BPS) (3)
MUS 111 Introductory Music History/Literature (BFPA) (3)
PHIL 106 Critical Thinking (3)
PSYC 111 Foundations of Psychology (BSS) (3)
SPC 103 Interpersonal Communication Skills (EUSC) (3)

(Total Hours 18)

Year One — Spring Semester
CMIS 108 Computer Concepts (3)
Introductory Natural Sciences (BICS) (3)
ENG 102 English Composition II (3)
HIST 200 U.S. History: Constitution to 1877 (3)
MATH 112b Math for Elementary Teachers: Probability, Statistics and Geometry (BPS) (3)
CI 200 Introduction to Education (2)
(Total Hours 17)
Pass ICTS Test of Academic Proficiency
NOTE: During the first semester of course work, start a file in OCECA.
Year Two — Fall Semester
GEOG 111 Intro to Geography (BSS, EGC) (3)
HED 201 Healthful Living (3)
HIST 201 U.S. History: 1877 - Present (BSS, EL, EUSC) (3)
PSYC 201 Child Psychology (3)
SCI 241bASCI 241b Foundations of Science II (BPS, EL) (3)
(Total Hours 15)
Year Two — Spring Semester
ENG Literature (BHUM) (3)
SCI 241a Foundations of Science I (BLS, EL) (3)
Academic Emphasis Area (see advisor) (6)
Academic Emphasis Area (300-400 level)* (3)
Professional Education Course (3)
(Total Hours 18)
Year Three — Fall Semester
Partnership Program Course (7)
Professional Education Course (6)
Interdisciplinary Studies (IS) (3)

(Total Hours 16)

Year Three — Spring Semester
Partnership Program Course (7)
Professional Education Course (9)
Academic Emphasis Area (3)
(Total Hours 19)
Year Four — Fall Semester
Partnership Program Course (10)
Academic Emphasis Area (3)
(Total Hours 13)
Year Four — Spring Semester
Partnership Program Courses (12)
(Total hours 12)
(Full-time Student Teaching Semester)
* A minimum of 9 hours at the 300 or 400 level is required; consult an advisor for specific limited options,

TRANSFER STUDENTS — Maximize your transfer experience - complete the boldface courses/requirements pre-transfer AND satisfy the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) General Ed Core or receive an AA, AS, or AAT (early childhood, special ed or math) degree from an IAI community college. If ‘Minor’ requirements are shown, discuss careful course selection with the academic advising contact listed.

Transfer Credit Equivalency Guides are located at siue.edu/transfer/.

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