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About Dr. McAndrews

Stephanie   L. McAndrews, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning in the School of Education, Health, and Human Behavior at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She joined SIUE in 1999 after obtaining her Ph.D. in  Language, Reading and Culture from the University of Arizona. Dr. McAndrews  began as the reading/literacy program director in 2002 and developed the International Reading Association’s approved Master’s degree in Literacy Education and the Literacy Specialist Post Master’s Certificate. She also  developed the Cougar Literacy Clinic and Literacy Center to be used by SIUE  and community members and enhanced it by obtaining grant funds. Dr. McAndrews teaches graduate and undergraduate courses that include Emergent/Primary Level Literacy, Upper Elementary and Middle Level Literacy, Literacy Diagnostics, Diagnostic Literacy Practicums, Organization and Administration of Literacy Programs, Issues and Trends in Literacy Education and mentor action research projects in Field Study in Literacy.  She supports teachers and teacher candidates   in applying theories and current research to make informed instructional decisions to improve k-12 student’s literacy development. She engages   teachers in applying effective reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing   and visually representing strategies in their teaching and student learning. She is an active member of four literacy organizations where she has served   in numerous leadership roles, as a long time editor of the Reading Teacher journal, and on-going presenter at annual conferences in the US and abroad since 1997. She volunteers to work with teachers in the US and Africa as well as those in Spanish speaking countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Research Profile

Dr. McAndrews’ research focuses on developing literacy leaders and effective literacy teachers in the region, state, country and world. She studies how decision making in  literacy clinics and supervised experiences in assessing and teaching students can significantly enhance the metacognition and literacy development   of k-12 students. She also studies the role that  “third space theory” and understanding  diverse students’ “funds of knowledge” has in planning instruction to meet the needs of all students. She is the  author of a current literacy textbook and numerous book chapters and journal articles.


Ph.D.  Language, Reading and Culture, Speech and  Language Minor     University of Arizona, Tucson,   AZ  1998    M.A. Language, Reading, and Culture, Reading Specialist Major, Curriculum Development Minor            University of Arizona, Tucson,   AZ  1992 B.A.   Elementary Education, Science and Math Minor    University of Arizona, Tucson,   AZ  1985                                                                                 


Literacy Assessment and Instruction, Literacy Leadership and Coaching


Refereed Book: 

 McAndrews, S. L. (2008). Diagnostic literacy assessments and instructional strategies: Literacy specialist’s resource. Newark, DE: International Reading Association. (Publication listed number one on IRA’s Bestsellers list for Research and Professional Development Books, January 2011) 

Refereed Book Chapters:   

Msengi, S.G. & McAndrews, S.L. (2017). Teachers’ application and integration of multiple literacy modalities in teaching as students learn and communicate knowledge within and across disciplines: Integrating teacher content knowledge and literacy pedagogy. In Johnson, R., Araujo, J, and Cossa, N. (2017). Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers Yearbook Volume 39, Literacy: The Critical Role of Teacher Knowledge.

McAndrews, S. L. & Msengi, S. G.  (2014).  Keys for teaching and evaluating writing composition.  In Coffey, D., & Roberts, E. (2014).   Keys for opening doors to achievement and lifelong literacy.  Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishers.

McAndrews, S.L. and Msengi, S. G. (2013). Transfer and transformation of knowledge and practices from literacy clinic to community.  In Ortlieb, E. and E. Cheek, Jr. (Eds.). Literacy Research, Practice and Evaluation Vol. 2: Advanced Literacy Practices.  Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

McAndrews, S. (2012). Keys for evaluating writing performance and encouraging creativity. In Coffey, D., & Roberts, E. (2012). Keys for effective literacy instruction in the elementary grades.  Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishers.

McAndrews, S. L. (2006). Auditory processing disorders: Linking literacy with instructional strategies. p. 109-143. In Parthasarathy, T.K. (Ed.) An introduction to auditory processing in children. Mahwah, NJ:  Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.


McAndrews, S. L. (Ed.). (2003). Having fun with literacy:  A family’s guide to reading and writing. A Book in Every Home, Edwardsville, IL: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

McClurkin, M., Bowens, S., Brooks, K., Caster, A., Clay, M., Devine, T., McAndrews, S., et al. (2001). Early reading support kit and handbook. Springfield. IL: Illinois State Board of Education.


McAndrews, S. L. (1999). Reading Discovery: The development of an early literacy program through reflective practice and analysis.  Ann Arbor, Michigan: UMI Dissertation Services.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

Msengi, S.G. and McAndrews, S.L. (2017). Third space theory: Teacher, do you think I share space with only my family? What about you and others? Learning for Democracy, American Educational Research Association

Msengi, S.G. and McAndrews, S.L. (2016).  What does literacy mean in my content specific discipline? Applying literacy modalities during instructional practices.  Journal of Modern Education Review. 6 (6). 372-386. Doi:  10.15341/jmer(2155-7993)06.06.2016/003

Fahsl, A. and McAndrews, S. (2012). Journal writing: Support for students with learning disabilities.   Intervention in School and Clinic, 47(4).

Deeney, T., Dozier, C., Laster, B., Applegate, M., Cobb, J, Gauty-Porter, D., Gurvitz, D, McAndrews, S., Ryan, T., Eeg, M., Sargent, S., Swanson, M., Dubert, L., Morewood, A, and Milby, T., (2011).  Clinic Experiences that promote transfer to school contexts: What matters in clinical teacher preparation. 60th Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association. Chicago, IL: National Reading Conference, Inc.

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 McAndrews, S. L. (2004, Fall). [Review of the book Dramatic Literacy:  Using Drama and Literature to Teach Middle-Level Content]. Current Issues in Middle Level Education, 10, 2. National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education.

 McAndrews, S. L. (2004).  Word work with meaning: Assessment and instructional strategies.  Missouri Reader, 29(1), 9-22.

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 McAndrews, S.L. (2004, Fall).  Reader’s theater:  A dramatic interpretation of text. MIDTESOL Matters.

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 McAndrews, S. L. (2003). Review of the book Starting Out: A guide to teaching adolescents who struggle with reading.  Current Issues in Middle Level Education, 8, 2, 70-73. National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education.

 McAndrews, S. L. (2002).  Enhancing reading strategies through teacher, peer and self assessment.  Illinois Reading Council Journal, 30, 3, 32-41.

McAndrews, S. L. (2000, July).  Asking questions: The impetus for theoretical and pedagogical change. In Loughran, J. and Russell, T. (Eds.) Exploring Myths and Legends of Teacher Education:  Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices (pp. 173-177). East Sussex, UK: The American Education Research Association.

External and Internal Grants and Awards

McAndrews, S.L. (2016, September). Dollar General Youth Literacy Grant, Cougar Literacy Clinic Books and Assessment Grant, Received $4,000. September 2016. Purchased leveled fiction and non-fiction texts and Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessments 1 and 2.

James, S., McAndrews, S. and Bushrow, K. (2016) enrich-Course Enhancement Grant  Service Learning Project- Supervised writing composition instruction for every K-4 student at Maryville Elementary School (2016-2017) by my CI 424 Primary Literacy Strategies and  CIED 321 Primary Literacy Assessment and Instruction teacher candidates.  Culminates in one published book per classroom. $500 funded each for 3 professors in collaboration with Susanne James and Kathy Bushrow.

McAndrews, S., Pigott, T. (Co-Principal Investigators), and Dunn, M. (2011 grant submission).  Building on success: Extending and enhancing the Illinois Snapshot of Early Literacy (ISEL) through grade five. Institute of Educational Sciences United Stated Government.

Illinois Reading Council-Council of Excellence Award- Lewis and Clark Reading Council, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Donsbach, C. and McAndrews, S. (2009, September). Developed Valerie Meyer Scholarship Grant for Graduate Students in Literacy Education.  Three awards will be given, one per year at $1,000 for each recipient.  

Reading, G; Bolander, J.; Bushrow, K.; Cordova, R., Jones, L., McAndrews, C. McAndrews, S., and Sherwood, E. (2008). Classroom management workshop and the power of storytelling: A day of stories and strategy with Fred Sanderlin, author of Journey to Little Rock. Workshops on March 24, 2009. Grant funded by Metro East Consortium for Child Advocacy (MECCA) $3,000 and AmerenIP $1,000.

Bushrow, K.; Reading, G.; McAndrews, S.; Cordova, R; (2008).  Research Equipment and Tools Program from SIUE Graduate School. Funded: $4,300 to purchase copies of Qualrus and Atlas ti, qualitative analysis programs and provide professional development on the programs.

Marlette, S. and McAndrews, S. (2006, September).  Inquiry Conference, School of Education Dean’s Grant for Instructional Improvement and Innovation.  Funded: $1,000 to develop a pilot SIUE Education Inquiry Conference: Nurturing a Culture of Inquiry May 2007 for Graduate and Undergraduate Students. An additional $1,000 was matched by SIUE graduate school.

Taylor, A., Breck, S., Bolander, J., McAndrews, S., Marlette, S., Floit, D. (2004, January) Faculty Development Proposal awarded to attend The Lesson Study Institute in Chicago, IL.

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