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Sample Curriculum

Ordinarily, candidates for the Master of Science in Education degree with a major in Curriculum and Instruction will complete a 36-semester hour program of study planned in consultation with an the faculty mentor. Each approved program of study has two components:
Component 1 Professional Course Work (15 hours):

CI 563 Curriculum Models (3 hrs) OR
CI 537 Early Childhood Curriculum (3 hrs)

CI 510 Analysis of Instruction (3 hrs) 

EPFR 515 Issues in Learning Theory (3 hrs) 

EPFR 520 Analysis of Educational Issues: Philosophical-Historical Foundations (3 hrs) OR
EPFR 521 Analysis of Educational Issues: Socio-Cultural Foundations (3 hrs)

CI 548 Study of Classroom Instruction (3 hrs) OR
EPFR 501 Research Methods (3 hrs)

Component 2 Area of Emphasis (21 hours):

CI 596 Field Study (6 hrs)

Courses selected from curriculum and instruction courses or courses with adviser’s permission. (15 hrs)

An area of emphasis offers many possibilities for study such as:
  • particular subject area such as language arts, math, science or social studies;
  • particular age groups such as early childhood, elementary, middle school, or high school;
  • professional issues (curriculum development, differentiated instruction, assessment of student learning, teacher inquiry, or teacher leadership);
  • field work for action research.

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