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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior
School of Education

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Susan Breck
Dr. Kathy Bushrow
Dr. Liza Cummings
Dr. Anthony Denkyirah
Dr. Linda Forbringer
Dr. Wendy Fuchs
Dr. Susanne James
Dr. Brian Walker Johnson
Dr. Stacie Kirk
Dr. Jessica Krim
Dr. Martha Latorre

Vickie Beavers
Danielle Hill
Office Support Specialist

Michael Yingling
Student Workers

Dr. Stephen Marlette
Dr. Barbara Martin
Dr. Stephanie McAndrews
Dr. Craig Miner
Dr. Shadrack Msengi
Dr. Barbara O'Donnell

Dr. Caroline Pryor
Dr. Anni Reinking
Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood
Dr. Randall E. Smith
Dr. Mary Weishaar
Dr. Phil Weishaar

Mary Masterson
Tammy Walls
Beth Wiemers


breck Susan Breck, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Professor & Chair - 618.650.3444 (FH-1125)
Expertise: Middle School Education
Social Studies Education
Program Assessment and Evaluation
bushrow Kathy Bushrow, PhD [e-mail
Professor - 618.650.3535 (FH-1341)
Expertise: Literacy
Middle School Education
Action Research
Integrating Technology
cummings Liza Cummings, PhD [e-mail]
Assistant Professor - 618.650.3459 (FH-1138)
Expertise: Pre-service Education,
K-12 Mathematics Education,
Integrating Technology, Assessment
denkyirah Anthony Denkyirah, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.2618 (FH-1104)
Expertise: Foundations of Special Education, Transition,
Severe Disabilities
forbringer Linda Forbringer, PhD [e-mail]
Associate Professor - 618.650.3493 (FH-1103)
Expertise: High Incidence Disabilities, Math Instruction and Interventions,
Classroom Management and Behavior Interventions,
Curriculum Adaptations and Differentiated Instruction
fuchs Wendy Fuchs, PhD  [e-mail] [bio]
Special Education Undergraduate Program Director
Associate Professor - 618.650.3487 (FH-1107)
Expertise: Inclusive Practices, Mindfulness in Schools, 
RtI/MTSS, Educator Preparation Improvement
james Susanne James, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Special Education Graduate Program Director
Assistant Professor - 618.650.3489 (FH-1102)
Expertise: Curriculum Adaptations, Strategic Instruction, Co-Teaching,
Differentiated Learning, High Incidence Disabilities, Virtual Learning
brian_johnson Brian Walker Johnson, PhD [e-mail]
Assistant Professor - 618.650.3433 (FH-1136)
Expertise: Elementary Education, Literacy

Stacie Kirk, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.3683 (FH-1108)
Expertise: Early Intervention (Birth-3 yrs), Early Childhood Special Education,
Early Childhood Physical Activity and Nutrition

Jessica Krim

Jessica Krim, EdD [e-mail] [bio]
Secondary Education Program Director
Associate Professor - 618.650.5824 (FH-1140)
Expertise: Pre-service, Secondary Science,
Critical Reflection, Teacher Capacity

latorre Martha Latorre, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Early Childhood Education Program Director
Associate Professor - 618.650.2223 (FH-1132)
Expertise: Early Childhood Education
School Readiness
Attachment and Learned Helplessness
marlette Stephen Marlette, PhD [e-mail]
Elementary Education Program Director
Associate Professor - 618.650.2131 (FH-1339)
Expertise: Science Education (K-12)
Informal Education, Middle School, Teacher Inquiry, Change Theory
Inquiry & Problem Based Learning, Engineering Education,
martin Barbara Martin, EdD [e-mail] [bio]
Assistant Professor - 618.650.3436 (FH-1128)
Expertise: K-9 education, Assistive technology, Educational technology
mcandrews Stephanie McAndrews, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Literacy Program Director
Professor - 618.650.3426 (FH-1343)
Expertise: Literacy Assessment & Pedagogy, Emergent Literacy,
Literacy Leadership
miner Craig Miner, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.2653 (FH-1130)
Expertise: Severe Disabilities, Technology for Teaching and Learning,
Self Determination, Family Partnerships in Special Education
msengi Shadrack Msengi, EdD [e-mail][bio]
Assistant Professor - 618.650.3442 (FH-1338)
Expertise: Clinical Literacy (K-12), Assessment and Evaluation,
Young Adult Literacy, Home and School Literacy Connection
odonnell Barbara O'Donnell, PhD [e-mail]
Curriculum & Instruction Graduate Program Director
Professor - 618.650.3422
Expertise: Mathematics Education
Problem Solving
Questioning and dialogue in the classroom
Action Research
pryor Caroline Pryor, EdD [e-mail] [bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.3439 (FH-1337)
Expertise: Assessment of Curriculum & Instruction,
Social Studies & Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics,
Program Evaluation-Attitude Studies
Learning for Democracy
reinking16 Anni Reinking, EdD [e-mail][bio]
Assistant Professor - 618.650.2139 (FH-1131)
Expertise: Early Childhood Education
Multicultural Educations
Professional Development Partnerships/Schools
Service Learning
sherwood Elizabeth Sherwood, EdD [e-mail][bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.3765 (FH-1126)
Expertise: Early Childhood Science Education
History of Early Childhood Education
Nature and the Young Child
Pre-kindergarten Policy & Practice
smith Randall E. Smith, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
School Partnerships Coordinator
Professor - 618.650.3434 (FH-1345)
Expertise: Social Studies Education
Secondary Education
Technology in the Classroom

Mary Weishaar, PhD [e-mail][bio]
Professor & Exec. Director of International Affairs - 618.650.3491 (SSC-0302)
Expertise: International Issues in Education,
Special Education Administration and Legal Issues,
Assessment, Use of Case Studies

weishaar Phil Weishaar, PhD [e-mail] [bio]
Associate Professor - 618.650.3490 (FH-1106)
Expertise: Multi-tiered System of Support, Special Education Administration,
International Issues, Performance Based Assessment

Vickie Beavers [e-mail]
Instructor - 618.650.3853 (FH-1139)
Expertise: Inclusive Education
Field Supervision
Danielle Hill [email]
Instructor - 618.650.5434 (FH-1127)
Expertise: Literacy
Elementary Education
Field Supervision
masterson Mary Masterson [e-mail]
Instructor - 618.650.2255 (FH-1129)
Expertise: Elementary Education
Early Childhood Education
Field Supervision
Tammy Walls [email]
Instructor - 618.650.3431 (FH-1128)
Expertise: Early Childhood Education
Field Supervision
weimers Beth Wiemers [e-mail]
Instructor - 618.650.2255 (FH-1340)
Expertise: Elementary Education
Field Supervision

Office Support Specialist

Michael Yingling [e-mail]
Department Office - 618.650.3083 (FH-1134)

Student Workers

Makayla Ayers

Makayla Ayers
Mail Line- 618.650.3082 (FH-1133)

Lauren Freels

Lauren Freels
Literacy Clinic
Main Line- 618.650.3596 (FH-1317)

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