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Licensure & Endorsements

Teaching Licensure

Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your educational career! We are pleased to assist you in becoming a licensed teacher.

In order for our office to process your licensure (also called entitlement) with the State of Illinois, you must have the following completed:

  • Pass the basic skills test
  • Pass the content area test(s)
  • Complete all professional education courses
  • Complete all requirements for your program

NOTE: Before the state will issue your licensure, you will also need to pass the appropriate APT test. Information on all tests required for licensure may be found at

Once you have been notified via e-mail that your entitlement has been processed with the State of Illinois, you may apply for and register your license by going to the following web site:

If you want to review the Licensure Presentation given by Student Services staff, you may access it here.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Your entitlement notification (the part where SIUE tells the State of Illinois you are entitled to a teaching licensure) is only good for one (1) year. If you fail to apply for your license within 1 year, you will be required to complete any additional requirements in effect at the time in which you do apply.

Testing Information:
For detailed information regarding the testing procedure and requirements, please click HERE.

Special Education Licensure & Options

There are several options available for current teachers to add Special Education to their current license. For detailed information please click HERE.

Subsequent Teaching Licenses

Individuals who have an Illinois Teaching License may apply for an evaluation for a subsequent license through School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services. The Student Services Director will evaluate applications, transcripts, teaching experience, and ICTS test results to determine if the candidate qualifies for a focused program, and then forward the application to the appropriate program for further advisement on the focused program of study for the subsequent license being sought. SIUE will offer focused programs in several areas.

For detailed information on obtaining a Subsequent Teaching License, please click HERE.


Secondary Endorsements

Current teachers wishing to add an endorsement on their existing teaching license should log into their Illinois State Board of Education ELIS account to apply electronically for the endorsement. The State will review your transcripts and either add the endorsement to your license or issue a deficiency notice informing you of the items you still need to complete.

This SEC Endorsement document might help you determine how close you are to an endorsement in a content area in which SIUE offers a program.

Middle Grade Endorsement
Applications for this endorsement must be submitted by January 31, 2018 to apply under the old rules
Middle Grade Endorsements are offered in a wide range of content areas. In addition to the content courses, the following two courses are typically required for all middle school endorsements:

  • EPFR 415: "Middle Grade Learner"
  • CI 407: "Middle Grade Curriculum"

The MS Endorsement worksheet might be helpful in considering middle grade endorsements.

Middle Grade Endorsement

SIUE is currently offering Middle Grade (grades 6-8) Endorsement in the areas of mathematics, language arts, general science, social science, music, art, and/or world languages (French, German, Spanish). 

The Middle Grade Endorsement worksheet might be helpful in considering middle grade endorsements.

Missouri Licensure

At this time, it is an easy process to apply for licensure in Missouri once an Illinois teaching license has been obtained. Our office has put together a helpful guide.
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