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Background Check Information

Background checks are required for all SIUE students who spend time in the local schools. Students are required to complete a background check either during CIED100 or prior to their first field placement, whichever occurs first.

Background checks completed for other purposes (employment, daycare, subbing, etc.) will not satisfy this requirement; our office must receive an original copy of the background check sent directly from the FBI and Illinois State Police.

Fingerprinting will be available on campus at the beginning of the semester.

Fingerprinting is done through the Madison County Regional Office of Education (ROE).

You can have your fingerprints done on campus during these times or you can visit the Madison County ROE located at 157 N. Main Street, Suite 438, Edwardsville, IL 62025.

Forms will be provided at either location.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at or (618) 650-3940.

Frequently Asked Questions on Background Checks

I've already had a background check done for a job, do I need another one?
Yes, in order for SIUE to be able to share the background results with partnering school districts, we must have the original results directly from the FBI and Illinois State Police.

Do I have to use the company that comes to campus or can I have it done elsewhere?
Yes.  Your fingerprints must be done through the Madison County ROE.  If the dates and times listed are not convenient, you can visit the ROE in Edwardsville to have your fingerprinting done. 

Will I need to have another background check?
Typically not. Some districts may require a background check run within a certain time period and any Missouri placements require an additional background check. Additionally, the state may change the rules of how often or who receives background check results. Student Services will notify you if you are required to obtain an additional background check.

What if I have something on my record, will I be able to continue in my teacher ed program?
Unless you have an offense identified as an enumerated offense by the State of Illinois (see listing below), you will be allowed to continue in your program.

We do share the background check with school districts before they will accept a placement. If something does appear on your record, you will be given the opportunity to provide a written explanation to be included with your background check. Some districts may want to meet with you before accepting the placement. Negative information on a background check may impact the ability to locate a placement.

Enumerated offenses, include but are not limited to:
Committing attempted 1st degree murder; Committing or attempting to commit 1st degree murder; Committing or attempting to commit Class X felony; State of Illinois Criminal Code of 1961 (720 ILCS 5): 11-6. Indecent Solicitation of a Child, 11-9. Public Indecency, 11-14. Prostitution, 11-15. Soliciting for a Prostitute, 11-15.1. Solicit for a Juvenile Prostitute, 11-16. Pandering, 11-17. Keeping a place of Prostitution, 11-18. Patronizing a Prostitute, 11-19. Pimping, 11-19.1. Juvenile Pimping, 11-19.2. Exploitation of a Child, 11-20. Obscenity, 11-20.1. Child Pornography, 11-21. Harmful Material, 12-13. Criminal Sexual Assault, 12-14. Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault, 12-14.1. Predatory Crime Sex Assault of a Child, 12-15. Criminal Sexual Abuse, 12-16. Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse; Those defined in the Cannabis Control act (720 ILCS 570/100 et seq.) except those defined in Sections 4(a), 4(b) and 5(a) of that Act (720 ILCS 550/4 and 720 ILCS 550/5); Those defined in the "Illinois Controlled Substances Act" (720 ILCS 570/100 et seq.); Any offense committed or attempted in any other state or against the laws of the United States, which if committed or attempted in this State, would have been punishable as one or more of the foregoing offenses.

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