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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior
School of Education, Health and Human Behavior
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Faculty & Staff

Dean's Office
Teaching With Primary Sources
Southern Illinois Professional Development Center
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Department of Educational Leadership
Department of Kinesiology and Health Education
Department of Psychology
Special Education and Communication Disorders
School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services

Dean's Office - Campus Box 1049
Lox, Curt Dean
O'Donnell, Barbara Associate Dean
Weishaar, Mary Associate Dean
Scott, Victoria Assistant Dean
Pokhrel, Binod Director of Information Technology
Wottowa, Jo Media Specialist
Malinoski, Jacee Office Support Specialist
Moore, Anne Administrative Associate
Weeks, Beth

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Office Administrator
Teaching with Primary Sources - Campus Box 1049
Wilkinson, Amy Director
Fredericksen, Margaret Program Coordinator and Workshop Facilitator
Glover, Karen

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Office Support Specialist
Southern Illinois Professional Development Center - Campus Box 1128
Gibson, Bevan Director
Cox, Linda Staff Assistant
Goldammer, Sarah Staff Assistant
Potter, Colleen Staff Assistant
Wellen, Pat

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Office Support Specialist
Curriculum and Instruction - Campus Box 1122
Scott, Victoria Department Chairperson
Breck, Susan Faculty
Bushrow, Kathy Faculty
Cummings, Liza Faculty
Johnson, Brian Faculty
Krim, Jessica Faculty
Latorre, Martha Faculty
Marlette, Stephen Faculty
McAndrews, Stephanie Faculty
Msengi, Shadrack Faculty
Pryor, Caroline Faculty
Searcy, Bill Faculty
Sherwood, Elizabeth Faculty
Smith, Randy Faculty
Brunworth, Jeanne Instructor
Cain, Janice Early Childhood Supervisor
Costello, Kathy Partnership Supervisor - 303
Fedorchak, Ron Partnership Supervisor - 307
Kulla-Branz, John Partnership Supervisor
Lipe, Larry Partnership Supervisor - 304
McAndrews, Cindy Partnership Supervisor -305
Murphy, Donna Partnership Supervisor - 301
Wiemers, Beth Partnership Supervisor - 306
Carr, Sara

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Office Support Specialist
Educational Leadership - Campus Box 1125
Puchner, Laurie Department Chairperson 
Buckley, Phillip
Hunt, John Faculty
Knowlton, David Faculty
Liu, Yuliang Faculty
Logue, Jennifer Faculty
Morice, Linda Faculty
Nelson, Wayne Faculty
Reeves, Alison Faculty
Smith, Curt Faculty
Thomeczek, Melissa Faculty
Van Tuyle, Vicki Faculty
Yu, Tianlong Faculty
Burns, Deborah
Herndon, James

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Office Support Specialist
Kinesiology and Health Education - Campus Box 1126
Lox, Curt Department Chairperson
Cathorall, Michelle
Cluphf, David
Guilford, Brianne
Henry, Dayna Faculty
Kirk, Erik Faculty
Klein, Nicole Faculty
Ross-Stewart, Lindsay
Smith, Bryan Faculty
Wooten, Joshua Faculty
Xin, Huaibo Faculty
Blankson, Faustina Instructor
Caumiant, Jennifer
Inman, Cindy
Vanderbunt, Erin Instructor
Feigl, Kathleen Office Support Specialist
Kempland, Monica

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Psychology - Campus Box 1121
Rose, Paul Department Chairperson
Bartels, Lynn Faculty
Brown, Danice Faculty
Daus, Catherine Faculty
Dudley, Michael Faculty
Everett, Greg Faculty
Ferguson, Eva Faculty
Hupp, Steve Faculty
Jewell, Jeremy Faculty
McKenney, Elizabeth Faculty
Meeks, Thad Faculty
Meinz, Betsy Faculty
Nadler, Joel Faculty
Nordstrom, Cindy Faculty
Pawlow, Laura Faculty
Pettibone, Jon Faculty
Pomerantz, Andy Faculty
Ro, Eunyoe
Rosnick, Chris Faculty
Segrist, Dan Faculty
Shimizu, Mitsuru
Pearson, Patricia Instructor
Micheletto, Carla Office Support Specialist
Gallagher, Christine Office Support Associate
Atkins, Kelly

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Special Education and Communication Disorders - Campus Box 1147
Fahsl, Allison Department Chairperson
Brady, Kathryn Faculty
Chleboun, Steffany Faculty
Denkyirah, Anthony Faculty
Forbringer, Linda Faculty
Fuchs, Wendy Faculty
James, Susanne Faculty
King, Amie Faculty
Kirk, Stacie Faculty 
Klopfenstein, Marie Faculty
Miner, Craig Faculty
Panico, James Faculty
Parthasarathy, T.K. Faculty
Weishaar, Phil Faculty
Awalt, Patti
Clinic Supervisor
Hopkins, Erlean Instructor
Hudzik, Diane Instructor
Roberts-Tolliver, Leslie Clinic Director

Stevens, Carolyn Office Support Associate
Cusanelli, Brenda

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School of Education, Health and Human Behavior Student Services - Campus Box 1062
Fricke, Gretchen Director
Porzukowiak, Bill Assistant Director of Partnerships
White, Angie Assistant Director
Farrar, Elaine Advisor
Jenkins, Michelle Advisor
Lewis, La Cheryl Advisor
Skinner, Craig Advisor
Crail, Rhona Office Support Associate
Loyd, Lindsey Office Support Associate
Waltz, Nancy

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Office Support Specialist
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