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The administration, faculty, students and staff would like to welcome you and thank you for showing interest in Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine as your potential dental care provider. Our dental team is friendly, caring and qualified. Our goal is to meet your dental needs at a reduced fee while providing you with outstanding service and quality treatment. Our family of students, faculty, and residents/fellows makes this possible. Our dental clinic is unique in that we offer a variety of treatments, including the latest advances in dental therapy, in a relaxed and modern atmosphere. Although your treatment will take longer than in private practice, you will receive quality care.

Our school is located on 12 acres of wooded grounds in the heart of historic Alton on the former site of Shurtleff College. The School of Dental Medicine also has a satellite clinic in East St. Louis. The primary mission of the School of Dental Medicine is to educate highly qualified and professional dentists to help meet the oral health needs of the population in Southern Illinois.

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  Becoming a Patient

The School of Dental Medicine is an educational institution. The major advantages for you as a patient include quality dental care provided by a student or resident, supervision by experienced dental faculty and treatment offered at a substantially lower fee. If you are interested in becoming a patient, please call to have your name added to our screening wait list.

During your screening appointment a faculty member will evaluate the complexity of your health and dental needs. Most patients' needs are compatible with the educational goals of one of our various programs. We accept patients into our programs based on this assessment. Some complex patients are referred to our Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) residency program (requiring an additional screening appointment prior to acceptance as an AEGD patient). If your needs are too complex, we will explain this to you and recommend that you seek care in a setting better suited to your needs.

For screening appointments and general information, call (618) 474-7000. Toll Free (888) 328-5168, Extension 7000.

  Planning Your Dental Care

If you are accepted as a school patient, you will receive a complete medical and dental history review, have necessary x-rays taken and be scheduled for a treatment planning appointment. During this appointment you will be examined by students and faculty to determine your specific dental needs. Your proposed treatment plan will be explained to you along with your estimated cost. In addition, when applicable, alternative treatment plan(s) will be presented. Your final cost may vary from that proposed at your treatment planning appointment due to changes in your treatment needs and/or the periodic adjustment of fees by the dental school. After you have accepted your treatment plan, a dental student will be assigned to provide your dental care.

Please note: As a patient in our dental school clinic, your treatment will be provided with the utmost care and close oversight by faculty. However, because faculty oversight is necessary, the progress of your treatment will be considerably slower than in private practice. Also, when your student and/or resident graduates, your care may be interrupted while waiting for a new provider to be assigned.

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  Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights

We the students, staff and faculty of the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine are dedicated to ensuring that you not only receive quality dental care but that you are treated in a professional manner. Toward this goal we are committed to the following Patients' Rights:

  1. You shall be treated with respect and consideration at all times.
  2. You shall have confidentiality regarding personal information, diagnosis and treatment.
  3. Your treatment shall be completed in a timely and efficient manner within the limitations of an educational environment.
  4. You shall have access to complete and current information pertaining to your condition.
  5. You shall be given an estimated cost for all treatment. (Note: Fees may increase before all treatment is complete.)
  6. A discussion of all your treatment needs including the risks, benefits and alternatives and a comprehensive treatment plan shall be provided before treatment begins. You shall be given an opportunity to ask questions, thus allowing you to make informed treatment decisions. (Informed consent)
  7. If the School of Dental Medicine cannot meet your treatment needs, you shall be given a thorough explanation. Whenever possible, recommendations regarding how to resolve your particular problems shall be given.
  8. You shall have the right to refuse treatment. However, if refusal of treatment is detrimental to your oral health, the school reserves the right to terminate any further treatment.
  9. As a comprehensive care patient, you shall be provided with patient-centered dental care. Comprehensive patient care at SIU/SDM is delivered through a multi-disciplinary approach designed to address all of a patient's dental needs, with the ultimate goal being the restoration and/or maintenance of the patient's oral health for maximum function and esthetics.
  10. You shall be treated with the utmost professionalism, and your dental treatment shall meet or exceed the standard of care.
  11. You shall have access to after-hours emergency dental care if you are assigned to a student and actively receiving comprehensive care.
  12. You shall have access to a patient advocate who will assist in the resolution of problems or refer you to the appropriate person for resolution.

Patient Responsibilities

Regular and timely appointments are essential to the quality of care you receive and your student's education. You should plan to be available at least two half days per month. The School of Dental Medicine reserves the right to discontinue your care if, in our judgment, you cancel or break appointments excessively or if you fail to follow treatment recommendations. It is also important that you provide updated personal and insurance information when changes occur. As mentioned above, payment is expected at the time of service.

Patient Advocate

If you have problems that your dental student cannot solve, please call our Patient Advocate at (618) 474-7012 for individualized assistance. Your satisfaction with your dental care is important to us, and your suggestions or comments are always welcome.

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  Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how health information about you may be used and disclosed and how to get access to this information.  Please review it carefully.  The privacy of your health information is important to us.

     Notice of Privacy Practices

  Payment for Services

Payment is expected at the time of treatment. The fee for more costly procedures may be divided into two payments; that is, half the amount to be paid when the procedure is started and the remaining half to be paid prior to final completion of the procedure. Examples of procedures eligible for divided payments include complete and partial dentures and crowns. We accept personal checks made payable to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville or SIUE. For your convenience, you may also pay using MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

The School does not provide payment plans EXCEPT for implant and orthodontic services.

If you have dental insurance, we will submit the forms for you. If your insurance company will pay us directly and you have provided us with a copy of your policy, you will be asked to pay only the portion of the fee not covered by insurance when the procedure is started. If your insurance company will not pay us directly or you do not provide the necessary insurance information, you are expected to pay when treatment is performed. In this case, reimbursement of covered services will then be made to you by your insurance company. You are responsible for fees for any services not covered by your insurance company. It is important that you update your insurance information with the Business Office when changes occur.

The School of Dental Medicine also accepts Illinois Medicaid (Public Aid) as payment for covered services. You are responsible for fees for any services not covered by Medicaid.

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  Emergency Care

Patients who are assigned to a student and actively receiving comprehensive care are provided with a 24-hour after hours phone number for emergency consultations and, if required, emergency dental treatment.

If you are not assigned to a student and you are in need of emergency dental care, you may obtain limited treatment at the School of Dental Medicine. An appointment will be arranged by phone at the earliest possible time; however, due to the large number of calls the school receives, an appointment may not be available for several days. Emergency care is designed to alleviate pain and infection and is not definitive dental care.

If further treatment is necessary after emergency care is rendered, you may elect to seek private care or place your name on the screening wait list. The School of Dental Medicine does not assume responsibility for continued treatment following the rendering of emergency care. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for the School to schedule ALL patients who call for emergency care; therefore it may be necessary for you to seek emergency treatment elsewhere.

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  Maps & Parking

School of Dental Medicine maps

Ample free parking is provided for your convenience at the south entrance of our dental clinic. To reach the parking lot, enter Annex Street from College Avenue. The clinic is the second building on the right, and the patient parking lot is adjacent to the building. The clinic building is accessible to wheelchair users.

  Closure of the Clinic

Inclement Weather

If Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville is closed due to inclement weather, the School of Dental Medicine will also be closed; therefore all appointments are cancelled. You should tune in to local television and radio stations or check the SIUE website ( when the weather is questionable to avoid an unnecessary trip to the clinic.


The dental school is closed for major holidays including Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday) and the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

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