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Each academic year, the School of Dental Medicine is presented with a wide array of opportunities and challenges that we are tasked to manage in a fiscally prudent manner. In much the same way as might happen at your home (or your dental practice), the School is occasionally presented with an opportunity to make the most of a situation if we have the resources available in a timely manner. Also much like in any household or dental practice, repairs or upgrades become necessary, often unexpectedly.

At such times, the School’s Development Fund plays a critical role in helping us meet and exceed our perennial goal to offer our students an excellent dental education from an exceptional faculty with the assistance of advanced technology in a superior learning environment. In short, the School’s Development Fund can be used to best manage exciting opportunities and difficult challenges, as they are presented, expected or unexpected.

In recent years, this fund has been invaluable as the School continues to realize significant budget reductions from the State of Illinois. With so much fiscal uncertainty for the foreseeable future, we are abundantly grateful for the generosity of so many alumni, faculty and friends each year. Despite the tremendous economic woes of the State of Illinois, charitable gifts to the School of Dental Medicine have allowed us to continue to offer our dental students an outstanding dental education.

Moving forward, your kind gift will truly afford the School every opportunity to continue to advance one of the best dental education programs in the country, even through trying economic times.

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For more information:
Stephen Schaus
Director of Development
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