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Personal Trainers

Maddie Braasch


My favorite part about being a personal trainer is educating my clients on how to make themselves better physically and mentally. By providing an exercise program, I hope to create a long term, positive lifestyle change towards their health and fitness goals. I like to incorporate circuit training, focusing on cardio and resistance exercises, but am also open to client’s preferences throughout the program. I understand the importance of motivation in exercise, and want to help my clients enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

Ryan Gordon


My favorite part of being a personal trainer is seeing the physical and mental progression in my clients as a result of the effort put forth through training. Being able to improve a person's overall wellness and self-efficacy is incredibly humbling and rewarding.  Having the ability to influence people in that aspect drives me. I am currently in-house certified and my favorite style of training is a mixture of circuit and high-volume training.

Ryan Manns


The most enjoyable part about being a personal trainer is teaching a client how to maximize their health and fitness potential through exercise and physical activity. It is very rewarding to see a client’s personal perception change for the positive as they become more confident in their physical and mental abilities when completing a challenging session. As a personal trainer, I like to incorporate the client’s interests along with other essential movements so the client has the tools and the confidence to construct a healthier, stronger and more positive life while on their fitness journey. My style of training is a fusion of weight training, circuit training, plyometric and calisthenics.

Ben Motl


What I enjoy the most about being a personal trainer is sharing what I have learned and experienced throughout the years with my clients to help them achieve their goals. I really enjoy seeing all of the hard work my clients put into training and the improvements they make as well as the goals they've achieved that they set out from the beginning to obtain. I am very passionate about training, specifically training in the squat, bench-press, and deadlift. It’s very rewarding for me to use what I’ve learned so far to help others achieve their goal. My training style is based in barbell strength training and high intensity interval training.

Chris Peters | Personal Trainer


As a personal trainer, it is my goal to take people who aren’t as happy with their bodies or health as they’d like to be, and help them make a change that will make them live happier and healthier lives. It is a great feeling knowing that I helped someone reach their goals to become a healthier person. My style of training mainly consists of weight training and high intensity interval training.

Jordan Sinn


My favorite thing about being a personal trainer is being able to change someone’s life for the better and help them improve their health and physical performance. I enjoy challenging my clients with plyometric and weight training.

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