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Personal Trainers

Jill Wetzel


My favorite part of being a personal trainer is when I see a client start believing and being proud of themselves for the first time. Then I know that they are exercising for the enjoyment and not because they feel like they have to. I have been a personal trainer for 3 years and certified for 2 of those years. My training style tends to be cardio focused, full-body workouts, that I can design to fit any intensity level. One fun fact about me is that I is left-handed.

Ryan Gordon


My favorite part of being a personal trainer is seeing the physical and mental progression in my clients as a result of the effort put forth through training. Being able to improve a person's overall wellness and self-efficacy is incredibly humbling and rewarding.  Having the ability to influence people in that aspect drives me. I am currently in-house certified and my favorite style of training is a mixture of circuit and high-volume training.

Fitness Instructor Kirstie Chase


I began my training experience with group fitness classes and becoming a Group Exercise certified instructor. I love the atmosphere of working with people of all different fitness levels. I decided that personal training would be another amazing way to encourage and assist others in their own exercise journeys. I would describe my style of coaching as autonomous. I desire to help others by helping them find what their strengths are and capitalizing on those. Motivation is key and I believe it is a personal trainer's duty to do whatever they can to create a training session or package that is tailored to the individual and their goals! I am open to teaching as well as learning new ways to make the best of each session, whether it be working on balance skills, high intensity cardio, or endurance strength training. 

Josh Ward


I really enjoy being able to help people accomplish their goals and helping them set new and higher goals. I am just getting started on what I hope is a long, successful career. I motivate through positive reinforcement!

Kyle Timmons


I really like to teach people new things and help them reach new goals in their life; I feel that being a trainer helps me do that. I am a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. I like to train functional movement and exercises that will develop a person's overall ability, fitness and health whether for athletics or everyday life, as well as reduce their risk of injury.

Chris Powell


My favorite part about being a trainer is that I am able to see people progress towards their goals and that exercise has a positive impact on their everyday life. I am a USA weightlifting certified coach and have a passion for the clean, jerk, and snatch variations. My training style is strength training as well as high intensity intervals but, I know how to adapt for clients who may not be ready for those types of workouts.

Jordan Sinn


My favorite thing about being a personal trainer is being able to change someone’s life for the better and help them improve their health and physical performance. I enjoy challenging my clients with plyometric and weight training.

Chris Powell


I love being a personal trainer because it gives me the opportunity to help others make a positive lifestyle change and achieve their fitness goals. I incorporate many different training styles into my sessions; anything from functional movement to sports specific training. I tailor each session to each individual client and that gives me the ability to help them reach their goals and go above and beyond what they thought could be possible. I like to push my clients to see past the barriers and make exercise a part of their daily lives.

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