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Client: Ginger Chico

I've never been an athletic person; so it's a surprise that I became interested in fitness. It started because I realized a stronger core and better posture could help prevent future aches and pains. During my personal training sessions, my trainer Jill helped me explore different types of training and I quickly realized how much I enjoy strength training. My goal at one point was to just step foot in the "big boy's" weight room, but now I go in and lift weights all the time. My current goal, as a CrossFit enthusiast, is to compete in a CrossFit competition. As a woman I have come to view strength as respectable and attractive. And simply put, physical work just feels good.

Client: Tiffany Eickhoff

I am 24 years old and a junior studying Speech Communication with a Minor in Sociology. I initially decided to get a personal trainer because my doctor recommended it. I was very apprehensive to the idea because I didn't know if the SIUE Fitness Center would embrace the challenge of working with someone who has Cerebral Palsy. I was very surprised and extremely pleased with how it all turned out. My initial goal was to ride the recumbent bike without having my trainer help me pedal. At first it took a half hour to complete a mile on the bike without having someone help me pedal. Now I am doing it completely by myself and I can complete a mile in nine minutes- thirteen seconds and two miles in twenty minutes. My next goal is to complete a mile in less than ten minutes with more resistance. Additionally, I have gained the ability to use all of the machine weights with minimal help from my trainer. I have seen results in my cardiovascular fitness, strength and body control in the gym as well as in my daily activities. I am very happy with my results so far and I will continue to push forward.

Client: Brandy Mutschler

When I first started personal training, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into… but it was better than I had expected. I initially thought I was going to go into it giving 100%, and I was hoping to weigh 130 lbs as opposed to 150 lbs. When I first spoke with my personal trainer (Alex) about my goals, she put together a list of healthy foods and nutrition information for me and advised me to come to the gym five times a week. At first, I was shocked to hear that I would have to work out that often to reach my goal. I was expecting to have to come out 3-4 times a week, but of course that is what I had already been doing and it was not giving me the results I desired. It really makes a difference in your drive and motivation to have another person holding you accountable, so I signed up for ten sessions last semester and we met once a week. Even though it is more expensive for the ten sessions, it was worth it and I consider it an investment. A program like this at any other gym would be five times as expensive. I decided to sign up for another ten sessions this semester just to keep my drive after coming back from break.

Through participating in personal training here at SIUE, I have experienced a lifestyle change. I look forward to coming to the gym. I eat great tasting food, but I prefer healthy food over junk. Healthy doesn't mean bad tasting, it just means lighter choices, more water, less fat and less sugar . My flimsy arms have morphed into muscles which I had no idea existed! I went from barely able to run 1/8 of a mile to running 1.5 miles and I have signed up for a 5K which is 3 miles! Granted, I'm still training (with Alex's help) for that 5K and I am continuing to improve.

In the past, I had issues with back pain as a result of scoliosis-my spine is curved. I let Alex know about this and she was very conscious of it as she developed my workout routines. This is the first winter in 3 years where I have not been in severe back pain. The strengthening of my muscles in my back as well as the endurance I have gained from cardio has played a huge part in alleviating my discomfort. I have lost 7 lbs, but I am no longer concerned about that number. I look fantastic when I see myself in the mirror- and my husband has noticed a difference too! Even though I have not lost as much weight as I would have thought I needed to, I have gained muscle and lost fat, so it has balanced out. I feel great about myself and I am so grateful to SIUE's personal training program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a push to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Client: Aurelia Daniels

My name is Aurelia and I decided to get a personal trainer because I have tried to lose weight several times in the past and never seemed to lose as much as I wanted or in the places I wanted. I started my first 10 training sessions with Alex the first week of fall semester and I have now lost 24 pounds! Not only have I lost the weight but I feel better when I workout. When I started these workouts I couldn't run a full lap but now I am able to run a mile!! Even though I have come a long way… I still have more work to do so I signed up for another 10 week personal training session and I plan to lose even more weight and run a 5k for the first time this spring!

Client: Consuella Kelly

Doug Hansel is a great personal trainer. He sincerely cares about me. He is consistently encouraging and he constantly challenges me to do better. Doug checked in on me over the holidays to make sure I was still exercising and monitoring my eating habits. When we first started training, I was significantly out of shape. I was always tired or sick or both. I avoided doing anything strenuous, which includes something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs. If there was an elevator available, I used it. Now, I (sometimes) take them two at a time! This wouldn't even have been a thought to cross my mind and now, as Doug always says (sometimes annoyingly), "[I] don't think about it, just do it." Because of Doug, my fitness level has vastly improved. I do still have a significantly long way to go. And, because of Doug's confidence, I know I will meet my goals and I am sure Doug will be there with me every step of the way (even after I graduate).

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