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Membership Information

The following individuals are able to obtain an SFC membership (a membership fee may apply):

  • Enrolled (SFC fee paying) SIUE students with a valid SIUE ID (no additional fees)
  • Summer non-enrolled students must have either been enrolled at SIUE during the prior spring semester or must be enrolled in the upcoming fall semester. This membership type requires enrollment verification and can only be purchasedMonday-Friday8AM-5PM.
  • 100% online, dual enrolled or dual admitted SIUE students with a valid SIUE ID, can choose to pay the SFC student membership fee and have a membership for the academic term that they are enrolled in.
  • SIUE Faculty, Staff or Retiree
  • SIUE Alumni graduates
  • Immediate Family members of an individual who has a SFC membership by one of the above
    • Immediate Family shall be defined as a spouse/domestic partner and/or dependent children (up to age 26) of the approved facility user only.
    • Spouses must provide proof of marriage (copy of a marriage license or other documentation).
    • Domestic partners must show proof of partnership.
    • Civil Union partners must provide proof of a civil union (copy of civil union license).
    • Dependent Children must be principally dependent upon you for support (age 16 and above must show proof of age).
    • Dependents under the age of 16, for whom a membership is purchased, will not be issued an ID. A parent or adult sibling who is a member of the SFC must accompany the child, be actively engaged in the same activity, and in the same location as the underage child at all times during each visit. Please note that children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the cardiovascular and weight training areas. The Reception Desk Attendant will assist those under the age of 16 with access to the SFC as accompanied by a valid SFC member.

The following rules apply to your membership:

  • Your membership fees are non-transferable and nonrefundable.
  • Any Unauthorized ID's/ Passes will be confiscated and may result in loss of member privileges to the facilities.
  • Misuse of membership or facilities may result in the membership being revoked.
  • Facilities and services will be available on a regular basis, however they may be discontinued for a given period of time because of directives from the University, major maintenance projects, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Memberships are not pro-rated because of these events.

Membership Rates

Membership Type Fall Spring Summer Yearly* Payroll Reduction Electronic Funds Transfer from Bank Account
Currently Enrolled SIUE Students (requires valid SIUE ID and fees paid) no fee no fee no fee no fee N/A N/A
Summer non-enrolled SIUE Students (requires prior spring enrollment) N/A N/A $85 N/A N/A N/A
Online, dual enrolled, dual admitted or other non-fee paying SIUE students $113 $113 $75 N/A N/A N/A
SIUE Faculty/Staff* N/A N/A N/A $240 Four payments of $60 in Jan. & Feb. Twelve monthly payments of $20
SIUE Retired Employees* N/A N/A N/A $240 N/A Twelve monthly payments of $20
SIUE Alumni Graduates* N/A N/A N/A $265 N/A N/A
SIUE Alumni Graduates with Lifetime Alumni Association membership* N/A N/A N/A $240 N/A N/A
Family members 16 and over, each N/A N/A N/A $175 N/A Twelve monthly payments of $14.60 for each family member.
Family members under 16 - one flat rate for all N/A N/A N/A $120 N/A Twelve monthly payments of $10.

*New yearly memberships will get a free full length locker valued at $60

 Payroll Deduction Payment Option

  • This is a payment option for a one-year membership exclusively for January to December.
  • The month of November (November 1st-30th) is open enrollment for this option.
  • Allows SIUE employees to automatically have four equal payments of $60 to be withdrawn from their pay in the months of January and February.
  • The Campus Recreation Department will refund membership terms to allow for existing members or for those that want to start their membership sooner.
  • Any applicable refunds owed for membership will be completed and processed after all payroll deduction payments are completed.
  • This option is available to SIUE Faculty/Staff only and can only be applied to the membership of the qualifying employee.
  • A membership for a spouse/partner/dependent child, etc. would have to be paid separately.
  • At this time, partial year or contract/adjunct employees are not eligible for Payroll Deduction.
  • Payroll Deduction enrollees will not be automatically enrolled each year. You will have to choose the Payroll Deduction option each year.

 Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Option

  • This is a payment option for a one-year membership, and can be purchased year-round.
  • This payment option membership must be kept for at least one year.
  • Allows SIUE employees and Retirees to automatically have twelve equal payments of $20 to be withdrawn from their bank account monthly.
  • This option is available to SIUE Faculty/Staff and Retirees and their families (spouse/partner/dependent children) only.
  • At this time, partial-year or contract/adjunct employees are not eligible for the Electronic Funds Transfer Payment Option.
  • After the one-year requirement is completed, the Electronic Funds Transfer membership will enroll automatically and will continue until the member contacts Brenda Newton or Tracy Zeigler at the Reception Desk to cancel the membership.


  • A Parking Hangtag is required. Non-hangtag holders may park at metered locations.
  • Parking Hangtags are a separate fee.
  • SIUE Students, Faculty, Staff and Retirees are required to obtain the appropriate parking tag through SIUE Parking Services
  • Only SIUE Alumni graduates and their immediate family members who are also SFC members can purchase a Parking hangtag from the SFC.

Day Use Pass

  • SIUE faculty, staff, alumni members, and retired SIUE employees with proper ID may purchase a facility pass good for one calendar day.
  • Summer non-enrolled students who have been enrolled the prior spring semester.
    • A receipt will be provided and must be carried on the person at all times.
    • $7.00 fee is good for one calendar day.

Guest Pass

  • Each member is permitted to have up to two guests per day.
  • Guest must be sponsored and accompanied by a member at all times.
  • $7.00 fee is good for one calendar day.
  • To receive guest pass:
    • Complete application and sign waiver at the SFC Reception Desk.
    • Present a photo ID for age and identity verification
    • Complete payment and receive a receipt which is used to verify access.

To obtain a membership, come to the Reception Desk located in the lobby of the Student Fitness Center, anytime during open hours. Please bring a photo ID showing your affiliation, or a driver's license. We accept cash, check, SIUE Cougar Card or Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards. Contact Brenda Newton or Tracy Zeigler at the Reception Desk to inquire about Payroll Deduction or Electronic Transfer payment options.

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