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Intramural - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are intramurals?

    A: Intramurals are organized recreation sports for students, faculty and alumni with a Student Fitness Center membership. Intramurals consist of leagues, tournaments, contests and special event formats.

  • Q: What sports are offered?

    A: The IM Sports program offers a wide range of sports and programs. We offer different sports each semester of the academic year. Our major leagues include: volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball, soccer and more. We offer a wide range of special tournaments and events too, including badminton, pool battleship, and many, many others!

    For a full list of what we offer, or to sign up intramural sports, go to IMLeagues or use the REC*IT app.

  • Q: How many teams can I play on?

    A: You can play on one gender specific team and one co-ed team for each sport. For example, you can play on a male flag football team and a co-ed flag football team. But there is no limitation on how many sports you play in a semester and we encourage you play as many as you would like.

  • Q: How do I register a team?

    A: Teams are registered through IMLeagues or the REC*IT app.

    This site hosts all of our events and sports for the current semester. Upon going to IMLeagues you should create a free account if you have not done so already. It takes only a few seconds to do. Once it is created you can create a team and pay online. You can also sign up as a free agent or look for other teams.

  • Q: How much do intramurals cost?

    A: Price varies per sport, but are minimal. Our larger sports, such as basketball, cost $25 per team for registration and another $20 for a refundable forfeit fee. If you do not forfeit any games (including playoffs) the person that paid the forfeit fee will get a check in the mail after the conclusion of the season for a refund of the forfeit fee. Other smaller sports have only a small fee associated or are free altogether!

  • Q: What is the "U-Play We Pay" program?

    A: The “U-Play, We Pay” program is an initiative that Intramural Sports and SIUE Housing partner together with. If you live on-campus in an SIUE residence hall and create a team of at least 75% residence hall students, we will waive your $25 team registration fee. Your team will be responsible for only the $20 refundable forfeit fee! You can obtain an IMLeagues coupon code by speaking with your Community Hall Director or Resident Assistant. Enter the code upon registration for your sport via IMLeagues.

  • Q: What do participants win?

    A: Each intramural participant on a winning team will win the coveted Championship T-shirt. A new t-shirt is designed each year.

  • Q: What if I don't have a team?

    A: You can sign up to be a free agent through IMLeagues. You can also stop by the Intramural/Club Sports office for assistance on this. Captains looking to pick up extra players can browse IMLeagues under the free agents section or stop by the intramural office with questions.

  • Q: How many people can I have on my team?

    A: Many sports have different roster limits depending on the players allowed on the court each time. Be sure to check the rules for the sports you are interested in.

  • Q: Where are the games played?

    A: Most outdoor events will take place at the Rec Plex, just across the street from the SFC. Any indoor activity will take place at the Student Activity Center, located in the SFC, or Court 4 of the SFC. All times and places will be posted online for the teams to see.

  • Q: Where can I find when my team plays, where we play and our standings?

    A: You can go to the IMLeagues webpage or the REC*IT app to view when your team plays, schedules, standings, etc. Make sure you create a free account!

  • Q: How do I find rules for the sports?

    A: Rules for each program can be found on the IM Sports Homepage, under Handbooks and Rules, on the left-hand side. There is also a link on each IMLeagues sports page.

  • Q: How are playoffs conducted?

    A: Your team must have a minimum of a .500 record and 2.75 sportsmanship rating to make the playoffs. We base our sportsmanship rating on a 4.0 scale. Teams will be emailed when the bracket is released regarding their seed and date/time for playoff matchups.

  • Q: What is the difference between Intramurals and Club Sports?

    A: Club sports are registered student organizations that are managed by campus recreation. Some of these clubs compete on a regional and national level against other universities and colleges; while other clubs operate on a recreational level only. Intramural sports give SIUE students the opportunity to compete with other SIUE students in different leagues including Men's, Women's and Co-Rec.

  • Q: Can I play both club and intramurals?

    A: Yes, you can and we encourage it! However, we do have a restriction on this. An intramural team is allowed only two club members in that parallel sport, or 50% of a small team sport (tennis, badminton, etc). For example, a men's 7v7 flag football team may only have two men on the team that also play for the SIUE Club Football team.

  • Q: Can I play intramurals if I'm a varsity athlete?

    A: Yes you can! We have a restriction on this, however. Varsity athletes may not play in their parallel sport while they are on the varsity team (ex. A current SIUE baseball or softball player may not play IM Softball). Also, if a varsity athlete wishes to play in their parallel sport, they must sit out one full academic year starting from the end of their last varsity season. Also, teams are limited to one former varsity athlete per team in the parallel sport.

  • Q: Can Alumni participate in Intramural Sports?

    A: All alumni of SIUE will be required to pay a $30 participation fee to participate in any Intramural activity per semester. After paying this fee, alumni will be eligible to participate in all Intramural Activities for the applicable semester. This policy was created to require alumni to pay a fee comparable to the Recreation Fee that all enrolled students pay to fund the programs and services provided to them through recreational programming. Alumni also must have a current SFC Membership which will allow them to access all Campus Recreation Facilities.

  • Q: What if I get injured while playing intramural sports?

    A: All of our intramural supervisors are certified in professional rescuer CPR/AED and First Aid. They are first responders in all emergency situations and are trained to handle all situations that may occur in regards to injuries. All participants must also sign a liability waiver before they play.

  • Q: How do I join the staff?

    A: IM Staff holds a hiring meeting for each sport offered. If you attend the hiring meeting, attend all the clinics, and do well with clinic work while showing openness for improvement; you will be considered for staff additions. Depending on the number of potential employees we may have to make cuts, so it's always best to understand the rules before coming to hiring meetings. Click the referee jersey on the intramural homepage for a list of dates for our hiring clinics.

If you have any other questions, please visit our website at or contact our office at 618.650.3274 or

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