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Counseling Services
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If you would like Counseling Services to make a presentation for your campus group, please call (618) 650-2627. We need to know the date of the presentation, the desired topic, the name of your organization or student group, the room number, requested time, and an estimate of how many people will be in attendance. Please leave a message with your contact information if no one is available. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Counseling Services Presentation Topics

Discuss factors contributing to date/acquaintance rape, social myths about sexual assault, what to do if one is sexually assaulted, the effects of sexual assault on the survivor, and prevention strategies. Date rape drugs are also discussed.

CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: Learn what is considered child sexual abuse, myths about child sexual abuse, indicators of child sexual abuse, handling the disclosure, of sexual abuse, and mandated reporting.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION: Learn conflict resolution strategies, how to keep communication open, and how to deal with difficult people.

DREAM INTERPRETATION: Learn how to make sense of your dreams, "Is a cigar just a cigar" or- are you just dreaming it?

RELATIONSHIP VIOLENCE: Discuss the different types of abuse that can occur in a relationship, common myths about relationships, what to do if in a violent relationship, and building healthy relationships.

DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Discuss how to drink responsibly, how to calculate blood alcohol levels, state laws pertaining to drug and alcohol use, common myths, and how to recognize someone with alcohol poisoning.

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Evaluate how well participants communicate. Learn ways to communicate more effectively. Participate in group activity to improve communication.

IMPROVING SELF-ESTEEM: Understand the several aspects of self-esteem. Evaluate participants' self-esteem and determine where problem areas exist. Various ways of improving self-esteem are discussed and practiced.

SEXUAL ASSAULT: Learn common myths about sexual assault, the effects of sexual assault on the survivor, an overview of the Illinois Criminal Sexual Assault Act, what to do if you know someone who has been sexually assaulted, and the personal safeguards against sexual assault. Date rape drugs are also discussed. This is a more general look at sexual assault than the date/acquaintance rape topic.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Learn what stress is and how it affects each of us differently. Questionnaires are used to evaluate the amount of stress in each participant's life. Ways to more effectively cope with stress are discussed.

SUICIDE INTERVENTION: Learn the signs of depression and suicidal thinking as well as ways to intervene with someone who is suicidal.

TIME MANAGEMENT: Learn how to prioritize tasks, make effective decisions, and alleviate stress associated with poor time management.

BREAKING BAD HABITS: Learn how to alter unwanted habits and behaviors that prevent personal satisfaction.

OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION: Discuss reasons for "putting things off". Develop an action plan for meeting deadlines or goals.

DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS: Discuss issues related to dating including what makes a positive dating experience and issues related to sexual intimacy in a relationship.

EATING DISORDERS: Discuss bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and binge eating along with accompanying symptoms as well as resources for prevention.