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Employer Evaluation

*Please note all the following information is required unless otherwise noted.


Fall Spring Summer Year:

INSTRUCTIONS: The immediate supervisor will evaluate the student objectively, comparing him/her with other students of comparable academic level, with other personnel assigned the same or similarly classified jobs, or with individual standards. Remarks are particularly helpful.

Employer Name:
Employer's Email:
Student Name:
Supervisor Name:


Attitude - Application to work:
Ability to learn:
Quality of work:
Relations with others:
Maturity - Poise:
Quantity of work:
Overall Performance:

The student's outstanding personal qualities are:

The personal qualities which the student should strive most to improve:

Rate the demonstrated ability or skill level of the student. When making determinations, please assess your student's skills as they compare to new professionals in this field. Rating scale is 1 to 5; choose N/A if not applicable.


Speaks with clarity and confidence:
Writes clearly, concisely, and professionally:
Makes effective formal and informal presentations:
Exhibits good listening skills:
Demonstrate a willingness to speak up, participates in discussions and asks questions:


Conceptual / Analytical

Analyzes situations and takes appropriate action:
Offers innovative and creative solutions to problems:
Collects and analyzes information (e.g. data) effectively:
Accesses and applies specialized knowledge, such as classroom learning and field-specific skills:
Demonstrates effective problem solving and decision making:



Makes a positive impact on the team by establishing rapport and credibility:
Utilizes a collaborative approach and shares information and resources with others:
Pitches in to help co-workers:
Respects what others have to contribute:


Professional Qualities

Assumes responsibilities and is accountable for actions:
Exhibits self-confidence:
Possesses honesty, integrity, and personal ethics:
Demonstrates a positive attitude towards change:
Respects diversity and alternative perspectives:
Represents the organization appropriately at all times:


Self-Management & Work Habits

Produces work of high quality, free from error:
Produces a significant volume of work:
Maintains good attendance and punctuality:
Completes tasks as assigned on time:
Listens to feedback and adapts strategy when current approach is not working:
Utilizes good judgement and establishes priorities among duties:



Set and communicate goals and follow up with results:
Seek opportunities to learn:
Take the initiative to get a job done:
Act decisively on critical issues:



Have the computer and/or technical skills for the job:
Demonstrate a willingness to enhance technical skills:
Utilize technology to perform work effectively:
Utilize technology appropriately in the workplace:


Name of person submitting form:
Would you recommend this student for future employment?
Has this evaluation been shared with the student?
How many total hours (estimated) did the student work during the specified work term?
General Comments:

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