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SIUE 2010 Economic Impact

Recently, faculty in the School of Business completed an economic impact study for SIUE. For fiscal year 2010, SIUE had a total economic impact of $471 million on the region. Methodology and analysis information are provided to further explain the study. Measuring the current economic impact of SIUE includes the review of incomes and expenditures of relevant constituencies. What isn't captured in these figures is the effect that SIUE has on the economic future of the region.

A major factor in attracting high-tech businesses is an educated workforce. There are more than 43,000 SIUE alumni in the region; many have advanced degrees ranging from Master's to MBAs to doctorates in dental medicine and pharmacy. Since an educated workforce attracts new and vital business, SIUE's presence leads to improvement in the local economy.

SIUE prepares students to become professionals in their fields of study, as well as engaged citizens and leaders in their community. When they graduate, SIUE alumni are poised to give back to the local community working for the betterment and the benefit of the region.

With more students choosing SIUE as a residential campus, the number and diversity of campus events has increased. SIUE has become a cultural center of the Metro East. The enormous popularity of the Arts and Issues series , the wide array of conferences held on campus, and the recognition of SIUE's Division I Intercollegiate Athletics program all provide evidence of SIUE's cultural importance.

The presence of SIUE will lead to further improvements to the local economy. Over the last five years, SIUE has completed more than half of a $250 million construction and infrastructure improvement plan. The region will benefit from the construction jobs created.

Whether directly through university and related expenditures, or indirectly through the attendant benefits of an educated workforce, SIUE is a key force in the economic development of the region and especially the Metro East and Southwestern Illinois.

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2010 Economic Impact


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