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Faculty Marshals

Faculty marshals are an important part of Commencement and are needed for each school. SIUE students look forward to the opportunity to share this experience with those who have taught and mentored them throughout their academic career. Faculty should contact the Dean's Office for more information about participating in Commencement.

To serve as a marshal or a faculty representative, faculty must dress in academic regalia. Faculty may purchase custom regalia through the University Bookstore. Rentals also are available.

Faculty Marshal Instructions

  1. Please plan to attend the scheduled rehearsal.
  2. Please line up students within the appropriate school or college area, and generally help prepare the students for the processional and the ceremony.
  3. Instruct students to find reader cards (marching cards) and get in line-up order. Inform students that they must take their marching/reader card to the platform where they will hand it to the reader. Inform students that if they have a name that is hard to pronounce or frequently mispronounced, whisper the name to the reader prior to handing over the marching card.
  4. Some students may be required to carry to the stage a "change in school and/or change in degree" card(s) along with their reader card. Remind the student that it is critical that he/she take all cards to the platform.
  5. Check your student lineup and be prepared to help students with disabilities. We will need to remove a chair on the VC gym floor for students in a wheelchair.
  6. Lead marshal should find the school/college banner (already in the SFC) and instruct the banner carrier to keep banner safe from falling.
  7. Tassels — instruct all undergraduates and graduates to place the tassel on the right hand side. The chancellor will direct the graduates to move the tassel to the left at the appropriate time.
  8. The order of the processional will be: mace carrier, faculty representatives, students lead by banner carrier and lead marshal, platform party.
  9. Students will march from the Student Activity Center (this is new) to the East VC gym entrance in two parallel lines. Upon entering the gym, the lines will split. The line on the right will enter the center aisle. The line on the left will enter the far left aisle.
  10. Each school/college lineup will be led by the banner carrier. The lead marshal follows directly behind the appropriate school banner. Upon entering the VC gym, the banner carrier (who is the first student) will take the banner immediately to the platform/stage. Instruct the banner carrier to approach the stage on the right (stage left), place the banner in the appropriate base, then exit stage right. The banner carrier immediately rejoins the graduates where a seat will be saved.
  11. Enter seats from left to right. The lead marshals should hold two seats - one seat for yourself and one for the banner carrier. All other marshals should plan to hold a seat in the row they plan to sit in.
  12. Each school/college starts a new row (unless we anticipate a shortage of space.) Please do not leave any empty seats in a row. There are 12 seats per row; fill all of them.
  13. Student speakers will be seated on the stage for the duration of the ceremony. At the appropriate time, the student speaker will join the lineup to accept his/her diploma cover, then return to his/her seat on the stage.
  14. Marshals should follow the script to know when to bring students to the platform to accept their diploma covers. The lead marshal will lead students across the stage.
  15. Students' names will be read by school/college and degree in alpha order and will follow the program order.
  16. As we reach the end of the first column of students, and as the second column of students prepares to approach the stage, students may need to cross rows of moving students.
  17. Readers will need to read all cards carefully. The first student for each school will have 3 cards: (a) school card, (b) title of degree, and (c) student's name. When the title of the degree changes, the student will have two cards: (a) name of degree and (b) student's name.
  18. Students who arrive after the ceremony has begun should be placed at the end of the proper school/college. Commencement staff will be seated on the floor in the back and will assist.
  19. For the recessional, the platform party will lead followed by faculty/staff out the east entrance. Students will recess out the west entrance and be lead back to the Student Activity Center.
  20. Marshals on the side with the exit ramp need to help keep the lines moving and fend away family members who congest the walking path.
  21. Marshals need to read specific pages in the script that relate to their assignment.
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