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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
Friday, 10/5/12 - 11:30 am
MUC - Mississippi/Illinois Room

Attendees: Julie Babington, Keith Becherer, Wai Cheah, Rhonda Comrie, Jaci Declue, Kim Durr, Julie Furst-Bowe, Natalia Garcia, Carol Gentry, Bev George, Chris Gordon, Dave Heth, Lydia Jackson, Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker, Ken Witt, Eric Zimmerman

Absent: Venessa Brown, Jerry Weinberg

Background: On 9/5/12, Julie Furst-Bowe sent a memo inviting the following members to participate in the Strategic Plan Committee.

Julie Babington - Foundation
Keith Becherer - Staff Senate/ Student Affairs
Venessa Brown - East St. Louis Center
Wai Cheah - College of Arts and Sciences
Rhonda Comrie - Faculty Senate/School of Nursing
Jaci Declue - Athletics
Natalia Garcia - School of Dental Medicine
Bev George - Alumni/Parents /Community
Chris Gordon - School of Engineering
Dave Heth - Administration
Lydia Jackson - Library and Information Sciences
Paul Rose - School of Education
Tim Schoenecker - UPBC /School of Business
Jerry Weinberg - Graduate School and Research
Ken Witt - School of Pharmacy
Erik Zimmerman - Student Senate /Student

An information packet was sent to all members prior to the first meeting on 10/5/12. This included the last revision of the SIUE Strategic Plan, dated November 2011, as well as the Mission and Scope Statements of SIU, and the SIUC Strategic Plan. Also included were sample guidelines, strategy documents and background from the Higher Learning Commission (Academic Quality Improvement Plan or AQIP), Illinois Board of Higher Education, American Association of State Colleges & Universities, Chronicle of Higher Education as well as other universities' Strategic Planning and Mission Statements.

Charge from the Chancellor: Julie Furst-Bowe opened the meeting by explaining that the original Strategic Plan initiated in 2001 was a ten-year plan that mapped the future direction of the campus and has served SIUE well. She stressed that the major objective of the new Committee is to focus on the next ten years in terms of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. This is to build a framework with high overview of where we should be headed. The members of this Committee should share what is discussed with their respective constituencies by seeking input, direction and feedback. Her experience in a similar role at the University of Wisconsin-Stout proved very successful in developing a good Strategic Plan.

She recommended use of an open forum process, possibly establishing a website and even utilizing discussion boards as these proved most effective in getting direct responses in a timely manner.

She said the group could either draft the documents, obtain feedback and refine them, or the group could gain commentary first and then draft the documents. For the sake of efficiency, she wouldn't recommend both.

Her recommended timeline would be to complete the Update by Spring 2013-April 2013 is the tentative Chancellor Installation and she would like to be able to announce the completion of the Strategic Plan update at that time.

She or Kim Durr will attend all meetings. She recommended the group elect a chair today. Coordination of meeting schedules and preparation of agenda or other documents will be handled by the support staff in the Chancellor's office (Carol Gentry and Grete Graf).

The committee can choose to keep and modify most of the goals of the original plan or it can choose to completely start fresh. For example, some goals that may need to be addressed concern sustainability, inclusiveness, diversity, academics, teaching and research. These may not have been on the horizon at the time of the original plan, but seem to play a larger role in current dialog.

Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman: The Committee elected Paul Rose as Chairman and Tim Schoenecker as Vice Chairman.

Paul indicated that there is a sense of urgency to get started quickly with the Spring 2013 deadline. He gained concurrence from the Committee that meeting biweekly in the beginning would be the best frequency. He asked for email addresses for all members; Carol Gentry will provide.

He asked for the names of the 2001 Strategic Planning Committee; Kim Durr will provide. The Committee felt that asking questions of some of the former members or even inviting some of them speak at a future meeting might provide some guidance on where to start.

The group decided they would work on a loose timeline of short-term goals. Paul asked the group to look over the Mission/Vision/Values sheet from the original packet and determine whether they should tweak the existing or start over and possibly even informally discuss with their constituents before meeting again.

Paul will utilize Doodle scheduling to contact all members to determine what day and time would work for everyone going forward.

Julie Furst-Bowe recommended that the group decide whether substitutes should be used if a member cannot attend. The group decided that every member should try to have an informed designee attend and participate in meetings when the member is unable to attend. In addition, the member should select a substitute from the same constituency if possible.

Next meeting: TBD after polling via Doodle.

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