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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
Friday, 10/26/12 - 2 pm
MUC Board Room

Attendees: Julie Babington, Keith Becherer, Wai Cheah, Rhonda Comrie, Jaci Declue, Kim Durr, Nathalia Garcia, Carol Gentry, Bev George, Chris Gordon, Dave Heth, Lydia Jackson, Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker, Jerry Weinberg, Ken Witt, Erik Zimmerman

Absent: Venessa Brown

Chairman Paul Rose provided three handouts. The first was "Proposed Ground Rules for Strategic Planning Meetings" which included some general guidelines to efficiently participate in the meeting discussions and subsequent electronic communications. All members agreed to the rules.

The second handout was the Agenda.

The third handout was a copy of the previous meeting minutes. The minutes were revised and all members agreed to the minutes.

After brief discussion, all members agreed that more electronic conversation will need to be utilized between meetings due to the short timeframe until the Spring 2013 deadline. These conversations would be shared among the Committee members only, at this time, for input and discussion. Other means would be used to share with a greater audience when ready for external feedback.

Paul Rose clarified to the group that any change to the Mission Statement (MS) would require SIU Board of Trustee approval and that changes to the Vision & Values (V&V) of SIUE would require Chancellor Furst-Bowe's final approval.

The group restated their goals: to review and revise, as necessary, the MS, the V&V, and then set some high-level, long-term goals. Short term goals would be determined and implemented by other parties.

Several members weighed in on how best to prepare the long-term goals. All members concurred to start with the MS. Once that is established, the Committee will then begin work on the V&V. Long-term goals will be the last element to be completed.

Some general discussion about how to approach the beginning tasks:

  • Keep the MS focused and brief. What is our identity and why are we here?
  • Consider who we are focused on to receive our "products & services". Who do we serve? (Language specifically about this may not need to be part of the university's MS.)
  • Our vision inspires members of the university community.
  • We may have met some of the original vision, such as being nationally recognized; it may be time to progress onto new challenges.
  • Keep the MS and V&V brief. These are things that our students will take with them as they transition away from attending school to becoming graduates and alumni.
  • How much do we need to modify our stated Values? These are so basic yet powerful that we reinforce them in every Commencement speech. Keep them realistic. Put them into action.

Jerry Weinberg shared much of his experience from being in the original Strategic Planning Group ten years ago. He recommended that each member talk to their constituency and gather their thoughts and concerns, then meet back with the group to focus on modifying the MS and V&V.

Some members expressed concern about utilizing open forums too early in the process. After much discussion, some of the group agreed that the Committee itself represented many branches of the campus and that, at this stage, each member could canvas a portion of their constituency to obtain input. Those who agreed with this idea also seemed to agree that later, when draft statements have been crafted, the committee should systematically seek feedback from the university community. Possible procedures that were mentioned for soliciting such feedback included listserv announcements, electronic surveys and open-forum meetings.

The Committee decided to discuss Mission Statement revisions on an electronic discussion board and return to the next meeting ready to complete an updated MS.

Next meeting: November 9, Founders Hall 2300 .

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