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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
Friday, 3/29/13 - 2 pm
Founders Hall 2300

Attendees: Keith Becherer, Wai Cheah, Rhonda Comrie, Jaci DeClue, Julie Furst-Bowe, Nathalia Garcia, Carol Gentry, Bev George, Chris Gordon, Dave Heth, Lydia Jackson, Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker, Chandler Vandenberg, Jerry Weinberg, Ken Witt, Erik Zimmerman

Absent: Julie Babington, Venessa Brown

The meeting was held in Founders Hall 2300. Minutes from the 3/15/13 meeting were approved.

Discussion on the Long-Term Goals continued. The group made minor modifications and all agreed they were complete as follows:

Long-Term Goals
Prepared and Committed Students - Recruit and engage a diverse student body ready to accept the rigorous challenges of higher education, to persist in academic study, and to become lifelong learners.
Innovative High Quality Programs - Develop and enhance curricular and co-curricular programs to fully support learning and degree completion.
Dedicated Faculty and Staff-Recruit, support, and retain a highly committed and diverse faculty and staff who continually strive for excellence by promoting student learning, producing significant scholarship, and serving multiple constituencies.
Supportive Campus Community-Foster an inclusive university community characterized by integrity, civility, shared governance and openness to and respect for different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.
Outreach and Partnerships - Develop and strengthen collaborative relationships to effect positive changes in the university, region, nation and world.
Sustainability-Practice and promote economic, environmental, and social sustainability across the university and in all its activities.

Tim Schoenecker moved to accept the Long-Term Goals and Jaci DeClue seconded the motion. The members present voted and the motion passed unanimously.

Paul Rose and Tim Schoenecker shared with the group some feedback from the Chancellor regarding the Mission and Vision statements. The group discussed the recommendations and modified the statements as follows:

Mission: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is a student-centered educational community dedicated to communicating, expanding, and integrating knowledge. In a spirit of collaboration enriched by diverse ideas, SIUE develops professionals, scholars and leaders who shape a changing world.

Vision: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville will achieve greater national and global recognition through innovative programs that propel individuals to achieve their full potential.

Wai Cheah moved to accept the Mission Statement and Lydia Jackson seconded the motion. The members present voted and the motion passed unanimously.
Erik Zimmerman moved to accept the Vision Statement and Keith Becherer seconded the motion. The members present voted and the motion passed unanimously.

The last item discussed was the disposition of the large amount of feedback received from the University Community at the forum meetings, from online and email comments, and from constituency group members. A final sub-committee was formed to collect and cull the material. The members include: Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker, Lydia Jackson and Keith Becherer. The sub-committee will consolidate and share with appropriate University leaders, particularly the suggestions and ideas that were too specific for the strategic planning documents.

The Committee thanks the Chancellor for the opportunity to serve.

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