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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
Friday, 3/1/13 - 2 pm
Founders Hall 2300

Julie Babington, Keith Becherer, Venessa Brown, Wai Cheah, Rhonda Comrie, Jaci DeClue, Nathalia Garcia, Carol Gentry, Bev George, Chris Gordon, Dave Heth, Lydia Jackson, Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker

Absent: Jerry Weinberg, Ken Witt, Erik Zimmerman

The meeting was held in Founders Hall 2300. Minutes from the 2/22/13 meeting were approved.

Paul verified that our timeline to complete the Long Term Goals is five weeks.

The Committee discussed whether more feedback was needed for any of the work on the Mission, Vision and Values statements. Paul noted that the committee already voted on the statements and that between the open forums, departmental and constituency meetings, and ongoing conversations, the group has received sufficient feedback from the University community.

Tim presented an evaluation of the 2/22/13 meeting's brainstorming session on the Long Term (LT) goals. He provided a matrix representing the current LT goals compared to the brainstormed lists generated by the committee at the last meeting. This assessment revealed that several of the current LT goals were similar to items discussed in the session but revealed a few categories that may require further attention.

Two unique categories that arose during brainstorming were sustainability and innovation. The group agreed that these concepts should be represented in the LT goals.

Other ideas to consider including in the LT goals: recruitment of top-notch students, diversity of students and retention of students.

The group appointed a sub-committee to compile the brainstorming notes and feedback work for the future LT Goals. The committee consists of: Lydia Jackson, Rhonda Comrie, Nathalia Garcia and Paul Rose. The group will present its work at the next meeting.

Next meeting: Friday, March 15 at 2 p.m., Founders Hall 2300.

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