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Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Committee Meeting
Friday, 1/11/13 - 2 pm
Founders Hall 2300

Attendees: Julie Babington, Keith Becherer, Venessa Brown, Wai Cheah, Rhonda Comrie, Jaci DeClue, Kim Durr, Julie Furst-Bowe, Nathalia Garcia, Carol Gentry, Chris Gordon, Dave Heth, Paul Rose, Tim Schoenecker, Jerry Weinberg, Ken Witt, Erik Zimmerman

Absent: Bev George, Lydia Jackson

Since the last meeting, the Strategic Plan Update Committee has a webpage. It went online 12/18/12 and is connected to the Chancellor's home page. It contains a list of the Committee members as well as minutes from the meetings. In addition, it includes background materials such as Planning Content, a list of the Mission, Vision and Value Statements and the Long Term Goals.

The link is:

The next set of meeting dates were determined by the results of the Doodle poll. They are:

Jan. 11 Feb. 22 Mar. 29
Jan. 25 Mar. 1 Apr. 5
Feb. 8 Mar. 15

The January 11 meeting began with the Committee approving the minutes from 11/30/12 and 12/14/12 with minor corrections.

The Committee appointed two sub-committees to finalize the Mission and the Vision Statements. They are as follows:

Mission Statement Sub-Committee: Vision Statement Sub-Committee
Chris Gordon
Dave Heth
Ken Witt
Venessa Brown
Wai Cheah
Rhonda Comrie
Jaci DeClue

The Sub-Committees will be considering all comments provided from feedback via questionnaires, open forums and conversation with constituents. The target date to return their drafts to the full Committee for approval is February 8.

The group worked on reviewing the current Values and discussed recommendations for improvement. The committee's suggested revisions to the Values statement included:

  1. Simplify the introductory text to the values list such that it reads "SIUE carries out its mission based on these values:".
  2. Place "sustainable practices in environmental, financial and social endeavors" under "Citizenship". (The majority of the committee favored placing language about sustainability under "Citizenship" rather than making sustainability a separate value.)
  3. Delete the "Standards consonant…" bullet point under "Excellence".
  4. Change "Openness" value to "Inclusion".
  5. Reword first bullet point under "Inclusion" to "Openness to the rich diversity of humankind in all aspects of university life".
  6. Reword second bullet point under "Inclusion" to "Respect for individual differences and cultures".
  7. Reword third bullet point under "Inclusion" to "Encouragement of intellectual freedom and diversity of thought".
  8. Under "Inclusion" delete "Access for all…" bullet point.

The consensus was that the Values currently in place needed very little modification and discussion would continue at next meeting.

Next meeting: Friday, January 25 at 2 p.m., Founders Hall 2300 (same room)

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