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Strategic Plan


Long-Term Goal 4:
Harmonious Campus Climate

Long-Term Goal 4:Harmonious Campus Climate.Foster an harmonious student-centered campus characterized by integrity, cooperation, open dialogue and mutual respect among individuals with different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

1. Data Sources for Measuring Achievement of Long-Term Goal 4

SIUE has data on faculty, student, and alumni perceptions of the campus climate from the UCLA study of faculty, the NSSE study of freshmen and seniors, and the baccalaureate follow-up study of one-year-out graduates. Comparative data are available for the UCLA study and for NSSE, but not for the baccalaureate follow-up study. The data are displayed in Appendix 4. There are no campus-wide data about the perceptions of staff members.

2. Status in Achieving Long-Term Goal 4

Faculty views of the campus climate have generally grown more positive over the 15 years in which SIUE has participated in the UCLA study, and compare favorably to those at other four-year public institutions. Although the percentage of faculty who indicate that the phrase "faculty members respect each other" is "very descriptive" of SIUE declined 1% in 2010 to 47% while other four-year public institutions reported an overall gain of 1% to 44%, the SIUE percentage has remained above that of the other institutions since Fall 2004.

Faculty continue to endorse in increasingly greater numbers the belief that "development of a community of students and faculty to be a high or highest priority of institution" (58%), and the SIUE percentage continues to be higher than the percentage of faculty at other four-year public institutions (55%).
The percentage of faculty in 2010 saying that the phrase "faculty at odds with the administration" is "very descriptive" of SIUE fell 1% and remains low at 10%. Nationally, the percentage has risen from a low in 2004 of 16% to a high of 25% in 2007, and is currently 23%.

Faculty perceptions of the treatment of women faculty, gay/lesbian, and minority faculty are also positive, and increased from a low of 71% in Fall 2004 to a high of 93% in Fall 2007. In Fall 2010, data from SIUE showed a decrease to 90%, which is equal to other four-year public institutions on these measures of faculty-reported positive perceptions.

The responses of SIUE freshman and senior students to NSSE questions about campus climate have not always been above consortium peers. However, the percentage of freshmen in FY10 saying that other students are friendly and supportive and that they have a sense of belonging increased to 79% (a 3% increase) for SIUE compared to 75% (a 1% increase) for urban consortium peers. While the favorable perception of seniors reached a low of 79% in FY08, it rose to 80% in FY09 and to 84% in FY10, and has been consistently above consortium peers.

The percentage of freshmen and seniors reporting often having serious conversations with students of a different race or ethnicity has fluctuated over the five years covered by the studies, and has often been lower than the urban consortium percentages. The percentage of SIUE freshmen who reported having a serious conversation with students of a different race or ethnicity remained unchanged at 46% in FY10, with urban consortium peers showing a decrease from 56% to 51%. The percentages of seniors from SIUE and the urban consortium peers both reported a decrease in FY10 from 53% to 50% and 58% to 55%, respectively.

The responses of one-year-out alumni to a question asking if their SIUE experiences were "very to extremely" helpful in "contributing to a greater understanding of people with different backgrounds, habits, values, appearances, and abilities" rose from a low of 58% in 2008 to 63% in 2009. This is a decrease of 2% from the high of 65% reported in 2006. Unfortunately, benchmark data are not available for other Illinois institutions on this question.

3. Highlights from FY11 in Pursuit of Long-Term Goal 4 include:

African American Health Initiative raised health awareness among African Americans and underserved populations in the region. The project targeted SOAR students with particular interests in health-related fields.

The Student Government Association, in conjunction with the Kimmel Leadership Center inaugurated the "We are One" Campaign to foster harmony and diversity on the campus.

Workshops were developed and implemented with various campus groups (including athletics teams) to enhance interactions and communication with the media.

4. Short-Term Goals and Plans

Fiscal Year 2012

During FY12, SIUE will focus on the following short-term goals and plans relative to Long-Term-Goal 4:

a. Finalize the University Diversity Plan by the University Diversity Council.

Responsibility: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

Source of Funds: Existing staff time and budget

Rationale: A diverse, supportive community must be actively promoted and maintained

b. Finalize and implement plans to support increased international experiences for undergraduate students.

Responsibility: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Source of Funds: Existing staff time and budget

Rationale: Changing the worldview of students to embrace differences in backgrounds, cultures and perspectives

c. In conjunction with the work of the ADVANCE Grant, develop initiatives addressing the advancement of women in the academy.

Responsibility: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, ADVANCE Grant Team

Source of Funds: Existing staff time and budget

Rationale: To enhance faculty development and welfare in support of University excellence

d. Revise the Marketing and Communication plan to direct greater emphasis on the internal audience of faculty, staff, and students at SIUE.

Responsibility: Vice Chancellor for University Relations, Assistant Vice Chancellor Marketing & Communications

Source of Funds: Existing staff time

Rationale: Enhancing internal communications, improving dialogue and allowing for a greater appreciation of the quality of the institution will strengthen morale and teamwork.

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