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Strategic Plan


Detailed Planning: Achieving Long-Term Goals

Measuring Progress toward Long-Term Goals

An organization will only know the extent to which it is achieving its long-term goals if it has mechanisms to measure its progress. Accordingly, each long-term goal needs measures for which data can be gathered and reviewed periodically. More than one measure is typically required because the goals of not-for-profit organizations tend to be complex and, therefore, difficult to capture with a single measure.

Assessing Progress toward Long-Term Goals

Since each long-term goal has multiple measures, the organization must evaluate the data from those measures to assess current status regarding each goal and the extent to which it has made progress in achieving each goal.

Setting Short-Term Goals

Long-term goals, such as those adopted by SIUE, are achieved by meeting a series of well-defined short-term goals. Accordingly, an organization must develop clear short-term goals to be used as the means to achieve the long-term goals. This plan describes the short-term goals developed by SIUE in pursuit of its long-term goals for the next several years. Plans for the immediate future are more detailed than those for more distant years.

The short-term goals included in this plan describe new activities or actions for SIUE and, accordingly, are described against a background of on-going activities that are assumed to continue.

This plan describes primarily "university level" short-term goals. All units will have their own short-term goals to assist the University in achieving its long-term goals.

Resources to Achieve Short-Term Goals

Organizations achieve their long-term goals by allocating resources to meeting short-term goals and projects linked to the long-term goals. A strategic plan that is not linked to organizational resources is, in effect, not a plan. Accordingly, the funds needed to meet specific objectives for the next several years, and the source of those funds, are detailed in this plan.

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