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IMPORTANT: This document must be filled out and submitted by the co-op employer. We will NOT ACCEPT any agreements submitted by the student.

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The Cooperating Employer Indicated

Objective: The objective of the Cooperative Education Program is to provide for the career development of students and, simultaneously, to render needed services to employers. The Cooperative Education Program proposes to accomplish this objective by helping students obtain work assignments related to and integrated with their academic majors and/or their career areas of interest.

Scheduling and Coordination: Work periods are scheduled to meet students' academic needs and employers' personnel requirements. Commensurate with employers' needs, students will be given work assignments that relate to their educational field, interests and abilities. Employers will provide for ascending levels of responsibility and training throughout the students' Co-op experiences.

Length of Employment: The Co-op Program is designed to provide students with work experience in the field of study. Co-op assignments can be alternating or parallel. Parallel co-op is generally defined as up to 30 hours per week for 16 weeks. Alternating co-op is defined as 30+ hours per week, sometimes located away from campus, in another city or state. The Co-op office recognizes that business needs fluctuate and/or students sometimes prove to be unsatisfactory so that continued employment beyond a work period may not be possible. However, except in cases of extreme unsuitability, employers are expected to keep students for the full term of a given work period. Once students undertake a Co-op work assignment, there is no chance for them to adjust their class schedules.

Quality of Work and Study: The quality of work performed by Co-op students must meet the standards set by employers. Similarly students must continue to meet the academic standards set by the Cooperative Education Program. By mutual agreement, students who do not perform satisfactorily either in their work or their studies will be dropped from the program.

Remuneration: Employers determine the rates of pay, keeping in mind the work assignments, the background and educational levels of students, the work quality, and their own established policies.

Please note that a separate Training Agreement must be filled out for each semester that a student works

Students' Responsibility: Once hired, all Co-op students agree that they will fulfill the terms of the contract as long as employed by the company.

Employers' Responsibility: All employers agree to coordinate the students' assigned duties so that their work will be closely related to their academic degree programs and/or career objectives and to provide supervision of students. Employers agree also to support SIUE's Co-op policies during all work periods, to provide the Co-op office a list of all SIUE Co-op students employed each work period and to complete a final evaluation of all Co-op students employed.

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