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A portfolio is a collection of work that displays your skills and abilities. While portfolios have traditionally been associated with work in the arts, many positions now require the submission of a portfolio. A portfolio can help you display the quality of your work and market your abilities.

A portfolio typically includes:

  • Your resumé, CV and other application materials
  • Licenses or certifications
  • Letters of reference
  • Evidence of specific skills
  • Work samples

Each field requires specific material to be included in a portfolio. Contact us to meet with a career counselor for more assistance.

Education Portfolios

Before you apply for teaching positions, should carefully prepare a portfolio representing:

  • The work completed during student teaching
  • Scholastic achievements
  • Testimonials of quality and integrity

Your portfolio should be designed and organized with future employment in mind. The emphasis should be on quality rather than quantity.

The following list represents common items included in a portfolio. However, which you choose to include are completely at your discretion. Also keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive.

  • Table of contents
  • Brief statement of philosophy
  • Resumé
  • Cover Letter (for that specific position)
  • Letters of reference
  • Student teacher evaluations
  • Unofficial copy of transcripts
  • Sample unit plans developed during student teaching
  • Sample lesson plans developed during student teaching
  • Sample materials developed during student teaching
  • Samples of students’ work
  • Sample tests or evaluation instruments
  • Photographs of activities
  • Additional information as needed or desired

For more assistance developing your portfolio, please contact the Career Development Center.

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