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Mentor Program

The Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Mentor Program provides an opportunity for students and professionals to connect in positive one-on-one or group mentoring relationships.  Through the program, professionals can enhance the quality of a current student's academic experience by interacting, exchanging ideas, and sharing their career experiences and knowledge with future SIUE graduates.  

The SIUE Career Development Center encourages students to conduct informational interviews with professionals in potential career fields to get a more “real world” perspective about what a career in that field involves.  We are hoping to expand this program to as many majors and career options as possible.  We are hoping to develop a list of individuals who would be willing to share their career story with students.  It is our belief that this type of relationship will help participating students narrow down their career and major choices or learn more about the career path they are currently pursuing.

How Much Time Is Required to Be a Mentor?
We know how busy professionals are, and we do not want your participation in this program to hinder your day-to-day routine or conflict with your other commitments.  Whether it be a one-time meeting or an ongoing partnership – we can use your expertise in helping foster student’s professional development. The amount of time you commit is up to you and your mentee. Therefore, we have made this program as adaptable and user-friendly as possible.  

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