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To SME, or Not to SME 
How to Build a Collaborative Environment for Subject Matter Expert (SME)Growth

In today's fast-paced world of project delivery, subject matter experts (SMEs) are key to ensuring success through all project life cycle phases.  In the words of Peter Drucker, "The basic economic resource - the means of production - is no longer capital, nor natural resources, nor labor. It is and will be knowledge."  This session will explore the definition of "SME," and share best practice tools and processes used by firms to advocate SME growth.  Add your voice to a healthy debate on the popular question, "To SME, or not to SME?"

Establishing & Managing a Portfolio of Projects

Are you being asked to make the move from project management to portfolio management?   Or, have you considered the transition as a next step in your career?  This session will give you a primer on Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and address the benefits and challenges of establishing and maintaining a portfolio of value-adding projects.

Here I Am!  Now Where Am I? 
Quickly Assessing Organizational Culture

Whoa. I did not see that coming!”
You can find yourself saying this when you do not have a clear understanding of the culture of the organization in which you work.  This interactive session provides the opportunity to stop and consider situations where you have unexpectedly encountered, tripped over, or full-out smacked into a facet of an organization’s culture.  Not only can this happen when you enter a new company, it can happen when you move to another area or take a promotion that lands you on a new playing field.  One valuable take-away from this session is a pool of questions you can use to proactively uncover aspects of a workplace culture that may be central to achieving your goals.

Integrating Cyber Security into PM Methodology

Cyber Security continues to be an emergent requirement of many project managers.  This session will discuss the types of projects impacted, implications to the project lifecycle, and modifications to the project management approach.  Key issues include the changing scope of cyber security needs, ties to business risk, impacts to project management methodology, and the need for sustainability and change management.

PM Skills in Demand   Now and in the Future

Earlier this year, SIUE School of Business Professors Mary Sumner and Anne Powell collaborated on research into project management competencies that are important to career success.  Their research included a survey of St. Louis area employers who were asked to identify both hard and soft skills and rank them in order of importance – for the job, and for promotion.  Their study of PM competencies also identified the extent to which each of the competencies was performed well, and the gap between the importance and performance of each of the competencies. Join the authors for a review of their findings and gain insight for your career development plans.

Leadership Lessons From the Movies  
Learning EQ and Other Useful Techniques from the Silver Screen

Drawing from Leigh Buchanan and Mike Hofman’s article “Everything I know about leadership, I learned from the movies”, session presenters will illustrate emotional intelligence (EQ) and other leadership techniques using a series of film clips.  Popcorn and 3-D glasses optional.

Big Data, Analytics, and Project Management

Express Scripts Senior Directors of Strategic Initiatives and Research/Clinical Service team up to present this case study of the company’s successful project to tap into and leverage massive data to deliver better healthcare outcomes.    Presentation includes introduction to Big Data principles, but focuses on lessons learned for project Planning and Quality Management.
Taking the Conflict out of Conflict Resolution

This session will explore various reasons that we encounter conflicts and what a Project Manager’s role is in resolving them.  The session will visit the leadership we must bring to the situation, and provide techniques on how to recognize, resolve, and leverage the situation.  We will then step through one technique for defusing an emotional and confrontational situation.
Managing Work with Microsoft Project and SharePoint

Alan Richardson, Senior Project Manager with Covenant Technology Partners, will be demonstrating how to manage anything from simple tasks to complex projects with a combination of SharePoint, Project Professional, and Project Online.

Microsoft Project Server and SharePoint Clinic (Afternoon Sessions only)

See how to use the latest versions of Project Professional, Project Online, Project Server and SharePoint to manage your work. Alan Richardson, Senior Project Manager with Covenant Technology Partners, will be demonstrating these tools and will be available to answer questions during the afternoon breakout sessions. If you are already well-versed in these tools, please stop by and share your experience.

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