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Program Core Courses

CMIS 570-3 SOFTWARE SYSTEMS DESIGN. Techniques and tools for information systems analysis and design. Process-oriented modeling and structured design concepts and techniques. Re-engineering business processes, and quality-assurance and reliability. Prerequisite: CMIS 526 (or CMIS 515) or instructor permission.

CMIS 564-3 DATABASE DESIGN. Enterprise-wide data modeling. Conceptual database design, entity-relationship and object-oriented models. Physical database design, relational model, and normalization theory. Prerequisite: CMIS 526 (or CMIS 515) or instructor permission.

CMIS 526-3 INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY. Information systems and state-of-the-art information technology with a middle-level managerial focus.

CMIS 528-3 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Management of the IT function and emerging technologies with a strategic-level focus. Prerequisite: CMIS 526 (or CMIS 515).

CMIS 540-3 PROJECT MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS AND BEST PRACTICES. Theory and techniques for managing technology projects within constraints of time, functionality, and resources. Topics include project initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing. Prerequisite: CMIS 570.

CMIS 468-3 BUSINESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS. Concepts and terminology dealing with data communication and distributed systems with emphasis on business applications. Prerequisite: Program admission.

CMIS 557-3 ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING. The role of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the e-Business environment will be explored using SAP. A risk management approach will be emphasized. Prerequisite: ACCT 200 or 524.

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