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Research Industry Leaders: Comments & Testimonials

"The MMR program at SIUE provides students with strong core knowledge of research to build on as they begin their careers in marketing research. It's a nice balance of the practical and the theoretical that gives new entrants in the field a great running start."

Rob Arnett

Senior Partner
Solution Partners Consulting Inc.

"CASRO, the national trade association of survey research companies, is proud to be represented on Advisory Board of SIUE's MMR program, which provides an excellent opportunity for graduate candidates to pursue their career in marketing research."

Diane Bowers

Council of American Survey Research Organization

"I have been extremely impressed by the quality of SIUE MMR graduates. Looking back over a fifteen year period, the program has consistently produced the caliber of individual that Maritz, and many of our clients' organizations, have placed in business leadership roles."

Michael Brereton

Maritz Research Inc

"At SIUE, I see a focus from faculty and students on developing the skills needed to discover the real business issues. I believe that SIUE's MMR program tries to create that right balance of insight and science."

James Carter

Executive Director Advertising Metrics & Budgets

"SIUE's Master of Marketing Research program, with it's emphasis on the practical application of modern marketing research processes is helping to prepare the next generation of marketing research professionals, .........."

Philip Cookson

Director of Server & Tools Research
Microsoft Corporation

"The MMR program at SIUE is highly regarded at Forward Research. An MMR internship from SIUE is an excellent opportunity for both us and the student intern. we get a part time employee who is intelligent, conscientious, and eager to learn........student intern receives on-the-job education, additional insights into the marketing research profession, and the opportunity to reinforce their classroom materials with current industry practice.

Alumni from the MMR program have an unbeatable background. They start off with both excellent academic training and research experience. We don't have the dilemma of choosing between someone who understands theory but not practice and someone who has experience but not academic foundation.

In short, we are proud to be an enthusiastic supporter of the MMR program and feel privileged to enjoy the benefits of working with its faculty, students, and alumni."

Richard Homans

Vice President
Forward Research, Inc.

"SIUE graduates have proven to be smart, motivated employees at Kellogg that move up in the organization. They come to work with a strong 'intellectual curiosity' and desire to understand that marketplace."

John Hostetler

Director of Market Research
Kellogg Company

"Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is committed to the integration of the Master of Marketing research Program with the "real world" of marketing research. Through corporate internships, cooperative research projects and a variety of professional interactions, the program strives to develop marketing research professionals whose skill sets meet the needs of the business today."

Susan Jones

Vice President
Agribusiness: Food and Animal Health Ipsos - Reid

"SIUE's MMR program is completely unique from the other options students have in that the program totally immerses students into the world of marketing research through a multi-faceted approach. While a vast array of classroom interactions challenges students to understand and apply advanced marketing research concepts, it is the corporate-sponsored internships at some of the country's best market research firms that proved amazing opportunity to turn text-book learning into reality. In this program, students are nurtured by one-on-one interaction and personal attention at every turn -- from both the dedicated faculty as well as from talented market research professionals who mentor students in internship positions. Layered on top of this is a vast network of alumni and other market research professionals who regularly interact with the program."

Jeff Minier

Gfk Kynetec

".............hands-on experience in the form of internships and research projects designed and implemented by students for local companies have been essential elements of the program and key to its success. As the result, graduates are ready to hit the ground running with real on-the-job experience under their belts."

Mary Ann Niemczycki

Director of Research
The Research & Planning Group

"The SIUE MMR program is both comprehensive and responsive to the modern reality of marketing research in the corporate world. The students receive a well-rounded and practical curriculum that exposes them to all aspects of the discipline. My experience with hiring and working with alumni of the program has been overwhelmingly positive - solidly trained people who understand the practical side of marketing research."

Brett Polenchar

Vice President of Marketing Research
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

"The SIUE MMR internship program has been very valuable to Edward Jones. I have had several interns from the program. Each has been able to quickly "get up to speed" and contribute effectively to the research effort."

Carol Schwent

Director of Market Insight Charter
Edward Jones

"Graduates emerge from the program having completed multiple projects while at the same time having built strong understanding of research and statistical theory. This balance allows for immediate results while ensuring on-going dedication to quality and correct practice of the craft.

Further more, we recommend and support the faculty of the MMR program and express our appreciation for their accomplishments in crafting, developing, and safeguarding a very high quality insitition."

Susan Spaulding

Market Directions, Inc.

"I am very pleased to have such a well-trained pool of talent from the MMR program available to us locally. It's been a pleasure working with MMR SIUE faculty and students in finding quality individuals to build the expertise of the Business Intelligence & Analysis department at Commerce Bank."

Diane Spencer

Vice President & Manager of Business Intelligence & Analysis
Commerce Bank

"The MMR program at SIUE is committed to excellence in the training of high caliber students for the marketing research profession. The program meets this commitment through a close-knit relationship with the marketing research community. Examples include an Advisory Board of leaders in the marketing research industry, a mixture of full-time faculty as well as part-time adjuncts and guest lecturers from the marketing research industry, and assistantship slots for students in the marketing research industry while they are enrolled in the program. The benefit of this approach is that the program produces graduates that are ready to hit the ground running once they enter the workplace."

John Sterling

VP & Director of Marketing & Category Management
Ralston Foods, Ralcorp

"I was a guest speaker for the MMR classes several times. Each time, I was impressed by the diversity of the group, their professionalism, and the types of questions they asked. They clearly knew their stuff, and had benefited from their internship experiences."

Helen Turner

Former Director of International Marketing Research
Anheuser-Busch, Inc

"I have worked with over a dozen of the graduates of this program and am now networked as a peer with several. They, typical SIUE MMR student, begin to contribute faster and have a better grasp on real issues that face a market research supplier than a student from a program that addresses the academics only. So many of those students are now at levels of responsibility within organizations that can only be reached with talent, good educational foundation and drive that I can confidently say that SIUE is turning out tomorrow's industry leaders today.

If you are in a position to work with a student as a mentor or in an internship, you and your organization will quickly identify value."

George Wilkerson

Executive VP
Market Strategies International

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