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Amy Bach

Amy Bach, CMIS StudentCMIS Student, Senior

What attracted you to the CMIS program?

Amy: A high chance of having a good job that pays well when I graduate! Also, I like working with technology and electronics.

What has been your favorite CMIS class so far and why?

Amy: My favorite CMIS class thus far has been CMIS 270 (Systems Analysis and Design) because that's what I want to do after I graduate. I want to go into systems analysis and project management. I really liked the group project in this class, as well as the professor. I also like CMIS 450, which is the database design class. It's very interesting, and I'm really learning a lot.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about the CMIS program?

Amy: That it is completely technical, when it really is a business major. Also, I think many believe it is basically a male dominated field and that all you are going to do is computer stuff. And that if you don't know much about computers and you're not into computers, you're not going to like CMIS. That is completely false. There are a lot of business and organizational coursework in CMIS, and it is not as technical as I thought, which I think a lot of people are confused about.

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman or high school student about why they should choose CMIS over other majors?

Amy: I would tell them that CMIS is kind of two majors in one. You have your business major, which you can go with and do something in that, but you also have a technical degree to use to your advantage. You are almost guaranteed to get a job where you start out very well when you graduate in CMIS. There is so much room for opportunities and advancement. Also, there are tons of different fields within the major that you can go into, so it's very wide open. I think CMIS is a very good choice.

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