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Applying to SIUE

Apply to the SIUE School of Business

Below is the link to file a supplemental application to enter the School of Business at SIUE.  Before you start the online application, be sure you have the following prepared:

  1. A single scanned, electronic copy of your unofficial transcripts (.pdf format) with the file name in the following order:  Last Name, First Name, Transcripts.  You will be allowed to upload one document only.  If you need to use a scanner to convert your printed transcripts to a single electronic .pdf file, please visit Lovejoy Library on the SIUE campus.  There are scanning functions integrated into the photocopiers on the first floor of the library.  Library staff are there to assist you! 
  2. Your list of classes you are taking during the current term and the name of the college or university at which you are taking the classes.
  3. Your responses to the required essay topic displayed below:

Essay Guidelines

  1. Your essay response must be typed in an MS Word Document.
  2. Your essay response should be double spaced.
  3. Save your document as Last Name, First Name.  For example, if your name were Rose Smith, your MS Word document would saved as:  “Smith, Rose”
  4. Your name and student ID number should be in the upper left-hand corner of page 1 of your essay
  5. You will be allowed to upload one document only.

Required Essay Topic for the Spring 2018 Application Period

In no more than 750 words, please respond to the following:

Mr. Rich N. Generous, a billionaire, began as a small business owner whose company has grown into a multi-billion-dollar operation.  Being committed to small businesses, he has set up a competition to help finance new entrepreneurs.  He will give up to $10 million each to several individuals to help them start and operate their dream business.  Your task is to write a proposal to Mr. Generous to request funds to open your new business.

Mr. Generous is very busy, so your proposal must be complete enough to convince him to support your business in no more than 750 words.  All proposals are required to address at least the following:

  1. The nature of your business (including the mission statement and/or motto of your company);
  2. Factors you will evaluate before starting your company and how you will begin that evaluation;
  3. Your management philosophy regarding the internal and external operations (e.g. customers, vendors, and other external constituencies) of your company; and
  4. How your company will differ from others in that industry?  

Freshman Select

The Freshman Select program offers the opportunity for high-achieving freshmen to be directly admitted into the School of Business.

Apply for Scholarships

More than 450 scholarship opportunities are available to eligible SIUE students! For more information, and to search and apply for scholarships, please visit
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