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Planning & Budget

Planning & Budget
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the annual budget of the University (or system)?

    The Total FY 2015 SIU Budget is nearly $895.8 million, while SIUE's Total FY 2015 Budget is $270.6 million. For additional details, please refer to the SIU FY15 Budget Book, which is posted on the SIU website at:

  2. What are the major sources of funding for the University?
    The state operating budget consists primarily of tuition revenue and state appropriation. The primary sources of funding for the non-state budgets include fee revenue, sales of goods and services, and grants and contracts.
  3. How is the budget allocated within SIUE?
    The FY15 SIUE Budget for all funds totals $270.6 million. The budget is developed by major fund groups which are:

    Income Fund and State Appropriations $149.2 million
    Grants and Contracts 36.7 million
    Indirect Cost Recovery 2.6 million
    Revenue Bond Operations 45.4 million
    Self-Supporting Activities 36.7 million
    Total $270.6 million

    The budget is sometimes broken out into two categories, the state budget, which includes "Income Fund and State Appropriations," and the non-state budget, which includes the sum of all other fund categories.

  4. What has happened to the budget during the last decade?
    Budget reductions occurring earlier in the decade followed by years of relatively flat funding have resulted in a shift towards the "privatization" of public education, meaning that more responsibility for the costs are absorbed by the students. For example, this year's state appropriation budget is more than $13 million less in absolute dollars than our FY02 appropriation budget. In FY02, state appropriation accounted for nearly 72 percent of SIUE's state operating budget, while in FY15, the state appropriation accounts for approximately 40 percent of the state operating budget. This analysis does not include support the State provides for health insurance, retirement, etc.
  5. What is meant by the use of the term "cash flow situation?"
    The situation faced by SIUE, as well as other Illinois public universities, is a cash flow situation rather than a budget situation. A budget situation would mean that the University has been notified by the State that our FY 2015 state appropriation budget has been reduced, which, up to this point, has not yet occurred. A cash flow situation means that the State has delayed appropriation payments to the University. In other words, even though the State owes SIUE the money, they have not paid it to us, yet we still have to pay our bills.
  6. If we are having trouble meeting payroll, why don't we use the money going toward Athletics (or Housing or the Student Fitness Center)?
    Certain activities, such as the Student Fitness Center and University Housing, are funded by fees and charges, and those funds can only be used to pay expenses directly related to those activities. Therefore, funds in those units could not be used to meet payroll for employees in other units.
  7. Based on the current budget do you expect to reduce salaries?
    There are currently no plans to reduce salaries.
  8. What is the process if budget cuts need to made?
    Budget cuts for FY15 will follow the established policies and procedures which can be found on the SIUE website at

  9. Are there plans to begin layoffs or furloughing workers?
    There are currently no plans to furlough or layoff workers. Our goal will be to deal with cuts through attrition, but what actually happens depends on the allocation we receive for FY15 from the State.
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