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Planning & Budget

Planning & Budget
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Overview of the Budget

SIUE's Total Fiscal Year 2015 Budget is just over $270 million. Approximately $149 million, or 55 percent of the Total Budget, is for SIUE's State Operating Budget.

  • The $149 million State Operating Budget pays for the expenses associated with educating students, which includes:

    • Salaries for faculty and salaries of administrative staff necessary to facilitate classroom instruction
    • Other expenses such as utility costs for heating, cooling, and lighting classroom buildings, etc.

Over half of the $149 million state operating budget comes from tuition revenue (60%) and the remaining amount comes from state appropriation (40%). The state appropriation is the support, or subsidy, that comes from the State of Illinois with the intention of making a college education more affordable for students from Illinois.

The remaining $121 million of SIUE's budget is commonly referred to as the non-state budget and is for items not directly related to classroom instruction, which include:

  • University Housing
  • Research grants
  • Morris University Center
  • Parking lots, etc.

The non-state budgets are organized into various accounts within different fund groups that have unique characteristics and requirements. The expenditures are matched with the revenue source and the expenditures from these accounts are typically restricted or "earmarked". For example, funding from University Housing rental revenue must be spent on University Housing and grant funding must be spent on the purpose of the grant. The level of budgeted expenditures is dependent upon the anticipated revenues. In other words, if a grant is received, the funds can be spent; if the grant is not received, or is received at a lower funding level, expenditures are adjusted accordingly.

The University's accounting system is based on fund accounting principles. Therefore, the budget is grouped into various categories called fund groups. The fund group categories are split between the state operating budget and the non-state operating budget.

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