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Log On Changes to CougarNet
An additional method to log on to CougarNet which uses CAS (Central Authentication Service) was added on November 12th.  This enhancement to CougarNet was done in preparation for the new SIUE web portal coming in the near future.  This change allows active students, employees, and retirees to be able to use their e-ID (jsmith) or their University ID (800999999) to gain secure access to their CougarNet information.

Following the changes on November 12th
now has these selections:

When you select
"Enter CougarNet with your e-ID"
you see:


When you select
"Enter CougarNet with your University ID"
you see:

After completing a successful log on
using either method you should see:

If you experience any problems logging in with your e-ID or University ID, please contact the ITS Help Desk
by calling (618) 650-5500 or sending an email to help@siue.edu.

ITS/University Information Services
Updated November 4, 2010
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