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Clear cache for Windows:

Clear browser cache: http://java.com/en/download/help/webcache.xml

Clear JAVA cache: http://java.com/en/download/help/plugin_cache.xml

Clear cache for MACS:

Clear JAVA cache for Mac:
1) Open the Mac Finder window
2) Go to Applications > Utilities
3) Open “Java Preferences”
4) Click on the Network tab
5) Click on "Delete Files..."
6) It will ask you to confirm; leave the defaults checked and click “OK"

Clear JAVA cache for MAC OSX:
1) Using the spotlight tool, search for "Java Preferences"
2) Open Java Preferences and click the "Settings" button.
3) Click the "Delete Files" button.
4) When prompted to "Delete the following temporary files," make sure both options are checked and click "OK."

Clear Browser CACHE
1) From the Safari menu, click Empty Cache.
2) When asked Are you sure you want to empty the cache?, click Empty.
3) From the Safari menu, click Preferences.
4) From the Security dialog box, click Bookmarks.
5) Click Show Cookies.
6) From the Cookie dialog box, click to choose a cookie, and click Remove All.

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