Recommended Restaurants

1st Biennial Meeting of the BABEL Working Group

4-6 November 2010

University of Texas at Austin


BITE MI (Vietnamese Sandwiches): 2002 Guadalupe Street

THE CLAY PIT (Indian): 1601 Guadalupe Street

HAIKY (Vietnamese): 2000 Gaudalupe Street

EL MERCADO (Tex-Mex): 1702 Lavaca Street

MADAM MAM'S (Thai): 2514 Guadalupe Street

VEGGIE HEAVEN (Vegetarian-Asian): 1914A Guadalupe Street


SAO PAULO'S (Brazilian): 2809 San Jacinto

RUBY'S (Texas BBQ): 512 West 29th Street

TORCHY'S TACOS (Taquería): 2801 Guadalupe Street

FINO (Mediterranean): 2905 San Gabriel Street

DOWNTOWN (take the southbound 1L/1M bus from Guadalupe and get off at 2nd and Congress):

LAMBERTS (Texas BBQ): 401 West 2nd Street

MULBERRY (New American): 360 Nuecee Street (south side of 360 Tower)

LA CONDESA (Interior Mexican): 400a West 2nd Street

ANNIE'S CAFE & BAR (Bistro): 319 Congress Avenue

FRANK (Artisan Hot Dogs + Beer): 4th Street & Colorado

MANUEL'S (Interior Mexican): 310 Congress Avenue

THE HIPSTER EAST SIDE (also close by to Cheer Up Charlie's, our late-night venue on Friday):

*for those who are interested, read Douglas Haddow's anti-hipster manifesto HERE

EASTSIDE SHOWROOM (rustic French + Texan cabaret): 1100 East 6th Street

THE GOOD KNIGHT (comfort pub grub + amazing cocktails): 1300 East 6th Street

DRISKILL GRILL (in the Driskill Hotel, 604 Brazos Street, just off East 6th)

BUENOS AIRES CAFE (organic/green Argentian): 1201 East 6th Street

UNCORKED TASTING ROOM AND WINE BAR (new American + wine): 900 East 7th Street

PARKSIDE (upscale French-inspired + raw oyster bar + great terrace overlooking East 6th): 301 East 6th Street

EAST SIDE KING (eclectic pan-Asian): 1618 East 6th Street

JUSTINE'S BRASSERIE (quirky French-inspired; they devoted Valentine's Day to the Marquis de Sade--need we say more?): 4710 East 5th Street (they serve dinner until 2:00 am)

For the truly adventurous, check out Austin's famous food trailer eateries HERE and HERE.